We live in a very angry world these days. Politics, jobs, etc. etc…. everything these days is upsetting someone and tt’s hard to be politically correct anymore. And so, a former United States Marine, Kyle Haman, and his good buddy came up with an idea to help people express their inner anger in a safe environment: Wreck Room – www.WreckItNow.com – a place people can go to, suit up in full body gear, and take a baseball bat, axe or crow bar and destroy plates, bottles, television sets and more inside a room.

It’s like a scene out of Office Space (the movie), only real life!

The Levity Ball sat down with Wreck Room co-owner Kyle Haman ahead of the room’s grand opening in California to find out more and why such a simple concept actually is genius….

How did you come up with the idea for Wreck Room?

I’ve had the honor of serving people almost my whole life from growing up on a farm, serving in the military, assisting in the medical field, working as a civil servant, and occasionally working with charities. So, I wanted to continue providing a service to people. My partner and I discussed what it is that people could really use, and in light of recent times in our country, it seemed like people needed a place to vent. So, we’ve established a venue where people can do just that in a fun, compelling way.

What did your family and friends first think when you told them you were going to quit your 9-5 day job to pursue this?

I didn’t get word of protest from anyone – especially my father, surprisingly. Everyone’s been very supportive, saying that they totally see me doing this. People who know me know that I’ve worked very hard to get where I am today, and that I don’t just jump into doing something like this without some serious thought out planning. It’s a risk leaving something steady, but I know it’s worth it.

As an entrepreneur, what initial challenges did you face before everything finally came together?

One of the biggest challenge was finding the right space where we could construct the the room where the magic happens. First comes the safety of the customer. We had to choose very carefully how we wanted to design a room in a controlled space, so that debris isn’t blasting through the walls and people aren’t getting hurt. The experience has to be kept in check, but without taking away the enthralling experience at the same time.

You are also a former U.S. Marine… what was your ranking, where you served and tell us about that experience serving our country?

I was an E-3 (Sergeant) in the United States Marine Corps, stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA. It was the best experience in my life so far because I grew as person, made the best of friends/brothers who I still keep in touch with today, served two tours in Iraq, and was fortunate enough to see some other exciting places around the world. The best feeling was coming home to look around and see who and what you were fighting for. I was very proud of what I did.

Does Wreck Room give any discounts or special wrecking item treats to fellow veterans?

We welcome veterans and first responders who come in with a nice free-be with whatever package they purchase.

Why is it important that people come visit and try out Wreck Room?

People do, whether they’ll admit it or not, have fun breaking things. Think of when you where a kid and you wanted to break something you shouldn’t or that time you went crazy on that pinata at a party. It’s all good entertainment, but it’s also therapeutic as well. It’s been known that when people come back from say a deployment or a hard day at work, there’s often a lot of tension built up, and if not kept in check, that negative energy could be released at the wrong place, at the wrong time, on the wrong person. There’s no point in ruining something possibly expensive at your own place, leaving a mess and causing bad blood between people. So, at Wreck Room, we have the place where they can let it all the negative energy out in a more positive way, maybe get a laugh after, and not have to clean up after themselves.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I’ve been given is when you’re nervous or afraid to do something you want to do, you should take it as a sign to do it rather than play it safe and flee.

And final question: What is your favorite thing to destroy in the Wreck Room space?

I love smashing bottles with the swing of an axe.