Right in the midst of the summer heat comes a Los Angeles music festival, HARD SUMMER 2012, which hits August 3rd and 4th with an impeccable line-up including Bloc Party, Skrillex, Chromeo, and Little Dragon, among many many others.

The Hard Summer festival has ben a mainstay for LA sumemrs since 2007, but the festival also has branching events in a few other major cities, including New York Cirty,

tickets are still available, and they range from $99 to $139 for a 2 day pass to the event. VIP tickets are $250 for both days. This is the first time HARD SUMMER will span two days in LA, an expansion that is comforting for those in favor of the festival, but alarming for the costs of hosting two full days is twice is large- and needs twice as much support from fans.

They will also have an endorsed showing in Toronto, Canada with a considerably smaller line-up. The festival was founded by gary Richards in 2007, and has gone on to feature some of the biggest emerging acts in electronic, hip-hop, and rock. The event was a massive force of exposure for the just emerging French group, Justice, who went on to be massive successes over the past four years.

Check out the official website, and be sure to post on your Facebook, Twitter or Pininterest to expose the festival to many potential fans.

The festival creators devised a custom playlist of all of the sartists on the line-up on Spotify, the popular free music streaming saervice, so be sure to expand your mind into new genres and new artists.



Image Source, HARD SUMMER 2012 Graphic line-up, 2012