Green Day recently announced a series of albums, each one with a different title and release date: Uno!, Dos!, and Tre! Their releases are September 25th, November 13th, and January 15th, respectively. This all coming out in the end of 2012, early 2013, Green Day fans have a lot to be excited about (if their still around).

Green Day began their musical career by releasing 30 minute power-punk punches in 35 minute doses. Beginning in 2004, they released a musical theatre/opera/concept album called “American idiot” and followed that path into further bloatedness with 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown. Not to settle down, it’s only appropriate the band release a triple concept-themed album, each album of full-length material. That’s likely to be over 2 hours of new Green Day material in 5 months.

Though there is little news about the subsequent albums Dos! And Tre! we do know that Uno! features a more old-school Green Day sound, with power-pop placing emphasis over conceptually-infused rock power ballads. The band went on to say that they will be exploring straight dance music, to the simultaneous deep sighing of fans across the globe.

The triple album concept is absolutely intriguing, but may be a bit much for a band that is at their best when singing 3 minute pop songs about girls, High School, and self-satisfying oneself.

A trailer has been released for each album, which can be viewed below. Also posted is Uno!’s track listing. Be prepared for less politics and more disco. Yay?

  1. Nuclear Family
  2. Stay the Night
  3. Carpe Diem
  4. Let Yourself Go
  5. Kill the DJ
  6. Fell For You
  7. Loss of Control
  8. Troublemaker
  9. Angel Blue
  10. Sweet 16
  11. Rusty James
  12. Oh Love