Do you ever take a look at your local music scene and think, “Wow, something is missing.” You’ve got the standard indie bands, the scream high school band, you’ve got the thirty-five year old dudes who play fifteen-minute instrumental music, and then you have the typical jazz band that plays on the street corner. But in that group of genres, you don’t have your tradition rock band…that’s where Good Times Gone comes into the picture.

It all started out in mid 2013 when Kyle McBain had a vision for a band. After thinking of who else to go to for another band mate, Kyle turned to long time friend Steven Nowakowski who was also flying solo at the time. Their local scene consisted of mainly pop punk and screamo, but they wanted to travel back into time and give their audience a pure rock n’ roll tone. Soon after shooting the wind, they decided on the name Good Times Gone. They just released their first EP “Battlelines” which is out now. Since the release, they have been playing shows with New Found Glory, Sparks the Rescue and You, Me and Everyone We Know.

At first listen, Good Times Gone has a real nineties rock feel. They have a ton of swing to their songs that makes you want to grab a date, hop in your convertible and hit the local diner for a milkshake. After the shake, you’d hit the dance floor, pay a quarter for a Good Times Gone track, and dance the night away. ‘Kansas City Girl’ was the first track I heard and absolutely loved the vibes they were giving off. It seemed like they put a lot of pride, joy and good times into the creation and the production of their music. They kind of remind me of MxPx. ‘Before I Met You’ was the second track I heard, and it was cool to hear that old nineties rock song about a girlfriend. You don’t hear that much anymore, and it brought a smile to my face because that’s what I grew up on.


Overall, these dudes are fantastic and fun! If you want a retro rock band that will knock your socks off, then I suggest you check out Good Times Gone. I have a strong feeling that the nineties rock style will be coming back in the near future so mark my words!


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