When a band has the ability to take eardrums through time past, present, and future they warrant recognition. Caught A Ghost is taking over the genre of music that has no name; the eclectic, uniquely eloquent genre, which artists from the past have paved the sound waves for. Through auditory and visual senses, Caught A Ghost has been able to captivate audiences with a uniquely reminiscent approach to music.

Caught a Ghost is the baby of songwriter/producer/lead singer, Jesse Nolan, kindergarten classmate and drummer, Stephen Edelstein, and the beautiful percussionist/vocalist, Tessa Thompson. Based in Los Angeles, Caught a Ghost has been gaining momentum, gaining the reputation of being able to “Whoa, this is awesome,” a crowd. With the drop of their debut EP, Nightworks, earlier this year, Caught A Ghost slammed into the musical pavement running. Each track is able to transform the airwaves through aural possession.

Nightworks, released in February, features sounds from blues and rock to dub step and indie soul sounds. All the different genres mixed together make it hard for Caught A Ghost to be classified into one musical path. Each track takes you to a different time and place; giving the sensation of being in another world for a while.

“No Sugar in My Coffee,” is one of those tracks that make you want to raise your hands in the air and sing along like you’re testifying in church. Listening to “No Sugar in My Coffee” is like stepping into a musically charged time machine headed for a time when music soothed your pain away, while remaining in the technologically wonderful present.

It’s hard to pick a favorite song. The track, “Sleeping At Night,” is captivating like a spider web. Entangling your eardrums in a web of sweet, sweet music, “Sleeping at Night,” will have you singing along and feeling better about all those menial woes in life. Don’t let the blues-disco-rock beats distract you from listening to the deeper, darker lyrics. Another favorite track, “Hold Out,” is probably the most mainstream song from their EP. “Hold Out,” is definitely the ultimate road trip song. It will have you bobbing your head like your embarrassing aunt listening to rap but you won’t care because the beats are that good.

Not only can Caught a Ghost put on a fantastic live show (with as many as nine musicians on stage at one time), but they are also a band that understands what great cinematography is. Even the fan-recorded music videos are worth giving a try. Caught a Ghost is the perfect mixture of talent and smarts, like the pretty cheerleader who was also the valedictorian in high school. They also have a particularly smart public relations team who has been able to snag auditory appearances on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, and Vampire Diaries (band member Tessa Thompson starred on Grey’s Anatomy, which could have something to do with this major publicity hook up). However, with their recent presence on the show Suits, Caught A Ghost is gaining popularity across the country.


The naming of the band was no accident either, Jesse Nolan explains: “It’s an old expression. Musicians used to say you caught a ghost if you gave a good performance-like you were possessed.” They have certainly been able to entwine the crowd during live performances: bottom line, Caught A Ghost is a band that doesn’t mess around when giving the people what they want; What you should want is more.

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