MV5BNjI0ODcyMjQ1OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTM5NDc2Ng@@__V1_SX640_SY720_-2Lynzey Patterson is one of the first openly bisexual Canadian actresses (eh?!). But even though she lives North of the border, Lynzey has appeared on Showtime’s hit series Body Language, Cinemax’s comedy series Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot and other HBO shows worldwide. Recently, Lynzey had a role in the feature film, Anything Goes, and currently is working on a new film project entitled, Unimaginable.

We sat down with the gorgeous Canadian actress to talk about everything going on in her life: from being openly bisexual in both Canada and in the USA, her coming out experience, to getting nude on camera, and all things entertainment.

How did you get into acting?

I have always wanted to be an actress since I was a child, and as soon as I was old enough I went and found myself an agent. My first real big gig was Disney’s “ICE PRINCESS” as an extra… I loved it on set and I wanted more so I started training and doing more and more things until I finally got to where I am today.

What is your favorite genre to act in?

I would say thriller or high action, I love intensity!

You’ve had to get naked in some of the shows you’ve been in…is that a difficult thing to do? What goes on in your mind while stripping down?

For most people it may be hard, but for me not so much. I am a very open minded person and I am very comfortable in my body.  It’s a sense of freedom to be able to be comfortable in your own skin. I think I look good and if people like looking at me then I like to make them happy in my mind I feel empowered a bit just because not every person is brave enough to do that!

What is your fantasy role to have one day?

I would love to be a vampire or some kind of super sexy hero! Something that is the furthest away from what I am in real life. I’m passionate about acting and I love roles that let me explore my creativity.

Do you like acting in movies or TV shows more?

I like it all I don’t have a particular preference I just love to be able to do what I love!

You are openly bisexual, when did you realize you first were?

To be honest I don’t really know when I first realized, I always kinda liked girls and was attracted to them naturally. I was a really big tom boy growing up to when and I had a lot of guy friends, maybe their preferences rubbed off on me I kinda think like a guy. When I realized my body and started dressing sexy I noticed that girls started being attracted to me and I liked it to be honest. I dove in with both feet so to speak. 


Was “coming out” hard?…tell us about the experience.

I was about 19 years old when I had my first real encounter with a woman and I wasn’t sure how to think or feel about it, I just knew I liked it. As I became more comfortable with her I became more comfortable with the whole scenario, and was just like whatever! I am who I am take it or leave it. My mother accepts me and made me feel a lot better about it and you can’t change who you are. The hard part is judgment from people who don’t understand, but like I said, I am who I am! If you love me, you love me, and that’s it!

Do you ever feel you are being judged in the entertainment industry because of your sexual preferences? How do you feel times are changing these days towards this topic?

Absolutely, not by everyone but I do feel the negativity a lot! I feel I don’t get hired a lot of times because I have a few scenes that clearly show my preference and it’s unfair because at the end of the day I’m an actress, not just a “bisexual”! In Toronto [Canada] it’s a little more accepted at times because of the big “Pride Parade” that happens each year, but it’s still hard for people to take me seriously as a professional sometimes. I think it’s a little ridiculous. However, times are changing and it is becoming more accepted. Everyone should be more accepting, the world would be a better place.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Hillary Duff is hot! Enough said!

What advice do you have for others looking at getting into acting?

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! NEVER LOOK BACK, NEVER GIVE UP! KEEP ON PRESSING ON! It’s not that easy to get into because there i s a lot of competition and the people who make it are the ones that strive constantly for what they want. Also, rejection is a big part of the industry and it has happened a lot to myself personally, but don’t take it to heart after one door closes they say three more open! Keep looking for your open door to success!

If you could do one thing before you die, what would it be?

CHANGE THE WORLD! As impossible as it may seem!

Cheesiest pick up line a guy or girl has ever used on you?

Did it hurt… When you fell from heaven?