California-born model & actress Pamela Jean Noble (@pamelajeannoble) is best known for her roles on the BRAVO television series, Below Deck, and the CMT series, Bachelorette Weekend, but there is wayyyy more than meets the eye with this popular Hollywood star. She’s been featured as a model in magazines such as FHM, Ask Men and Maxim, and when not working, she is a hugeeee animal rights advocate with her own non-profit foundation.

With an upcoming trip for work to New York City next month, The Levity Ball sat down ahead of time with Pamela to learn more about what is on the horizon with her blossoming career…

1. When did you first know you wanted to work in the entertainment and modeling world career wise?

I know it may sound cliché, or typical, for a California girl; But I truly knew I wanted to act at a very young age. I actually told my parents that “I want to do that” (pointing at the TV) before age 5. However, at that age you can be anything you want, and don’t know the difficulties, let alone think about that stuff! Getting to where I am now, and the success is no easy feat, and on the other hand, there is modeling. Modeling was very different though- they [acting and modeling] are two different worlds, and misconceived that you are a model/actress, but they are not wrapped into one career type. I had a much different entry into the world of modeling. Modeling began for me when I worked on a music video and one of the make-up artists said she had a picture of me from that day in her portfolio and people would always ask about me. She suggested I try modeling and set up my entire first shoot: hair, makeup, photographer, wardrobe, etc. It was amazing! My very next shoot after that was for Surf Illustrated in the same edition as Holly Madison! As they say the rest is history.

2. Do you feel that by growing up your entire life in California, very close to Hollywood, it has helped benefit you within your entertainment career?

It has most certainly. Just like any job and career path, being close to the “headquarters” is a definite advantage. I think the early stages it has helped the most in some ways- my dad was always able to take me to auditions or to jobs I booked. However, it also made me see a side of the business that made me make my own decisions: like wanting to attend regular school and college, instead of dropping out to focus solely on my entertainment career and simply getting my GED. Instead I opted to have that social experience which really makes you see the real world. Any industry has its pro’s and con’s but regardless, I wanted to set myself up to be a well-rounded person education wise. In my eyes, I didn’t want to fall into a stereotype within the entertainment industry that I was all looks and no brains. Where you live can make a massive difference as well, given the unpredictability of castings or call-times, so by not wanting to live right in LA it made it a bit trickier, but I knew I didn’t want to get sucked into the nightlife and partying. I may not be as far in my career as others, but I always stuck to my morals and went through life and some experiences that I believe are irreplaceable.

3. What about being in-front of the camera do you love so much about?

It’s one of those feelings that is almost indescribable. I am not me in front of the camera. When it’s “go-time”, I turn a completely different side of me on. From a red carpet, to a set, photoshoot, whatever it is- I go to work, and I always strive to give it 110% and be professional. What people may not know when I’m off camera: I like to consider myself a nerd and actually am an introvert surprisingly. 

4. You have accomplished a lot throughout your career thus far. And you recently were on the BRAVO series, Below Deck. How was your experience on that set? Any fun stories you can share?

Below Deck was such an amazing experience. The first one I filmed in the Bahamas is actually the entire reason I met my husband! Super amazing story for the kids one day! I can’t think of anything super off the wall that happened during filming, I just remember Laura and I were so nervous because we didn’t know what could happen or how stories could be turned because it was a reality show after all. But in all reality, catch my pun, they just filmed morning, noon, and night, never prompted us to say anything to get “a story”, and obviously still got great footage for a show while doing so, which I greatly respect. At the end of the day when you put 6 to 8 strangers in close quarters for so many weeks personalities are going to clash. I loved the experience clearly enough to go back to film season 1 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

5. What is your ultimate dream role if you had to pick one?

I would love to be a season regular on a TV show or movie. I’m drawn to shows like Westworld, Big Little Lies, and movies like iTonya and LaLa Land. So, anything like that would be incredible!

6. What is the best advice you have ever gotten? And what advice would you give to other aspiring models/actresses who are reading this?

Walk quietly with a big stick. Too many people in Hollywood “know this person and that person”, list their resumes, flash money. My advice would be to work hard and let your work or resume speak for itself. There have been people I have known for years that are still finding out things I work on because I may post about it, but I don’t just sit around talking about it. I’d rather be known for being humble than everyone knowing everything I’ve ever worked on.

7. Aside from work, you are a huge animal rights advocate. Tell us more about your new non-profit Noble Critters and how others can get involved once you launch.

Oh my goodness, I am so excited about this and it has been a dream of mine! I am a huge animal lover and one day I want to have an animal sanctuary with dogs, cats, cows, pigs, horses, etc. Until that day comes where I can fully invest in the infrastructure of an animal sanctuary, and the responsibilities that come with running and maintaining one to the best possible standards and care; I am in the process of launching Noble Critters which will hopefully go live sometime in September if not sooner! Noble Critters will be an online store where clothing items and accessories can be purchased and 100% of the profits will be donated to an animal sanctuary each month. I have already partnered with 3 animal sanctuaries and hope to keep growing my partners so more sanctuaries are being donated to.

8. Do you ever get a chance to come to New York? If so, where are some of your favorite hot spots here to hang and eat?

Yes! I will actually be in New York the beginning of September! I am all about trying new places! As long as it has vegan or pescatarian options I’m willing to give it a try! I don’t always prefer the super-fancy spots, but Tao is a usual for when I am in the city. But if you have any suggestions for me, send them my way!

9. And final question: What do you personally want to be remembered for many, many years down the line?

I want to be remembered for having a big heart and doing something that mattered. Money, clothes, cars do not mean anything if everything is always for yourself. Someone will always have more than you, just remember that. So, I’m hoping one day with our animal sanctuary, and in the future fostering and adopting children, we can make the world a loving, better place. I wish that it was something that we all understood; it would probably do wonders. Which is why I will do everything I love and share it with the world, and if does to impact someone(s) life to do something they love and that helps others, animals included, then I have done my part in starting a ripple effect of change, and will keep doing so… because I care, I love, and I want to make an impact no matter what size.