There are only so many hours in a day, so you better make sure you make every one of them count, and that starts with staying awake, motivated and using your mind to the best of your ability.

There is a new all-natural capsule that just hit the market here in New York called CariGenZ that has been ground-breaking and has been the talk of countless celebrities, parents and entrepreneurs who use it to get the most out of their day.

Behind the product that has changed the game is Mick Emandi who lives some parts of the year here in town. We spoke to him one-on-one to learn more and how his special capsule has helped so many here in New York during the pandemic and through whatever problems they might be having.

ClariGenZ™ has been ground-breaking and trending with celebrities and others since its launch! Why do you feel people are loving what your all-natural capsules offer?

Most people are just fed up with dealing with the side effects of prescription drugs. People, especially celebrities and those who are more affluent & successful, want more natural, organic & healthier options for better results, health and longevity.  Side effects of drugs like Adderall and other amphetamines when used for getting the job done, academics, work productivity or mental performance can lead to heart attacks, strokes, insomnia, addiction, depression & sexual dysfunction. What if you could get all the benefits without suffering from all the negatives? That’s what ClariGenZ™  Focus Plus+ offers.

BioCitroid™, the supplement’s main active ingredient, is an all-natural botanical extract derived from the terpenes of citrus fruit, making it as safe as an orange or lemon. ClariGenZ™  is all-natural, 100% vegan, gluten free, soy free, caffeine free and comes in a small, easy to swallow single 0 capsule.

ClariGenZ™ uses a natural scientifically engineered blend that not only boosts energy, focus, and doubles productivity, but rebalances your brain’s neurotransmitters that were damaged by overstimulation; so rather than increasing your coffee intake or doubling scoops of pre-workout or other biologically addictive substances, it addresses the deficiencies that represent the real underlying cause. 

What is the science behind your product?

ClariGenZ™ is the first proprietary blend to ever combine three essential amino acids with an incredibly rare compound, known as “BioCitroid™”.  Unlike other nootropics (brain supplements) we don’t include traditional herbs as fillers which could take weeks or months to show any benefit.  The key is not a particular vitamin… mineral… or herb alone. It’s the remarkable blend of these natural compounds in carefully measured amounts that creates the “mental magic” ClariGenZ™ produces in the brain.

BioCitroid™ is an all natural botanical extract derived from the terpenes of a special strain of blood orange only available in Southeast Asia, making it as safe as an orange or lemon.  Our revolutionary cyclic terpene assembly extraction process is so expensive that one ounce of BioCitroid™ is worth more than one ounce of gold, hence the nickname “Nootropic Gold”.

We had the ability to test its impact and efficacy on hundreds of volunteers in a clinical setting with a whole range of physical and mental health conditions.   Our observations enabled us to pinpoint the application and optimal dosage for this revolutionary product. Thousands of people later, we have nothing but amazing feedback from our customers.

Once ingested, BioCitroid™ triggers an almost immediate brain chemical cocktail of acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine & norepinephrine.  These brain chemicals serve to enhance the frontal cortex function of the brain – the area that manages higher level executive functions to prioritize many streams of information, tasks & achieve goals faster & better.  It has the potential to make people essentially superstars in their own domain while taking ClariGenZ™.

Why should someone – whether they are a gamer, parent or business person – who isn’t using your product switch to it?

Typically, those who are already taking stimulants and are addicted to caffeine and energy drinks are the immediate beneficiaries.  For those who have to be at the top of their game like entrepreneurs and self employed go-getters, being motivated and focused all day is key.   Professional and amateur athletes who depend on fast reflexes, strategy and calculating all variables to win can benefit greatly.  Plus ClariGenZ™  is 100% stimulant & drug free.

People who need to work long hours, problem solve and be at their peak  level of concentration can benefit greatly. This includes coders, financial services professionals, IT professionals, traders, and engineers.

College, medical, law and grad students can use ClariGenZ™  to ace their exams.

With millions on the line, now even professional gamers have to think faster and move quicker consistently for 6-8 hours with intense concentration and problem solving to be at the top of their game. They just cannot afford to be jittery or even crash after loading up on energy drinks. 

Even our multitasking moms and people working 9-5 who have to juggle home life, career and personal life need ClariGenZ™  to get more done in less time such as that To Do list with that feeling of accomplishment.

ClariGenZ™  really is an amazing opportunity for most people to overcome their obstacles and daily challenges to become productive and successful.

How has it been running an online health/supplement company during the pandemic?

E-commerce has had a boom due to COVID. Before it was all about distribution to retail outlets and paid advertising to drive traffic to those locations. 

Now the direct-to-consumer channel is what you focus on first to get the product in the consumer’s hands sitting at home leveraging social media to reach them.

On a personal side, when you yourself do come to New York, where are some of your favorite spots to hang out at / eat at?

We have a 3/2 condo overlooking the Armory in Gramercy so we love to chill outside when the weather is nice.  Soho, where I used to live, is my go-to spot for sheik after hours lounges and trendy shopping in between some cutting edge art galleries to really feed your soul. I float between Miami & NYC to stay on top my endeavors but my heart is in NYC!

How many capsules of ClariGenZ™ do you personally take a day?

I personally take one mid-morning and another as a booster at around 3.  I’m able to go 100 miles an hour all day and still not miss a beat. It’s amazing!

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2022 with your company? And any plans for additional products in the future?

In addition to our online website, we will be launching in 10 pharmacies in 6 states as a pilot in the next few months and if all goes well we will expand to several hundred locations next year.  We anticipate launching on Amazon later this year.  We have amazing results for customers with ADHD who will offer doctor consultations to support those with ADHD related symptoms later this year. 

We envision expansion into international markets in the next few months and working with major celebrities in helping our children stop the abuse of prescription stimulants.

We do have additional products to support sleep and anxiety in development that will help complement our Focus Plus+ customers. We are very excited for the opportunities in the next 2 years and hope to make a big difference in people’s lives!