At the beach and in the need of some shade? Can’t see your phone, iPad or Kindle while relaxing by the pool or on your boat? How about if you are hiking and are just craving some shade during a rest period? Well, thanks to inventor Patricia Darquea, there is now a new product on the market that is the perfect solution for all those questions!

SPatricia DarqueahadyFace ( is the world’s first and only sunshade product with a “patent swivel” that allows people to control the amount of shade they desire whenever they want, wherever they want. The product is featured at hotels, on yachts, beaches and resorts around the world from Los Angeles to Hawaii to Australia. The product has also been featured at both the Emmy Awards and Teen Choice Awards gifting suites in Hollywood, with tons of actors loving the product for their vacations and homes / days at the beach. 

The Levity Ball had to speak with the inspiring woman behind the product to find out more…

How did you come up with the idea of your incredible ShadyFace product?

While vacationing in Maui three years ago I tried relaxing on the beaches, but found myself absolutely miserable. I was hiding under anything I could get my hands on including hats, books, magazines etc. and finding out very quickly that I had a loosing battle with the hot, intense sun, noticing that I wasn’t the only one struggling with this dilemma. Some vacationers and locals alike were even subjecting themselves to hiding under towels (how glamorous) just to avoid direct sun exposure, while others got their exercise chasing umbrellas “like projectiles” around the beach… and that’s when I had that “Ah Ha” moment “to create a sunshade for all ages and skin types, while shading and avoiding direct sun exposure to the upper or full body”.

How did you come up with the “ShadyFace” name?

While lying on the beach thinking of names such as, “Sunshade”, “Shade Your Face”, or “Face Shade”… I began laughing, “How about” – a funny and catchy name which creates curiosity and a “sense of humor” when branding a name that children and adults can remember and relate to.

What makes the ShadyFace different than anything else out there?

When I thought of my invention for ShadyFace Sunshades, I was not going to re-invent the wheel again and create another umbrella, tent or folding chair! I was going to design a product and follow my “American Dream” by putting something on this earth which fulfills a purpose, provides a solution and offers a positive element for the world to enjoy, called ShadyFace Sunshades. ShadyFace is the only “patented canvas swivel sunshade” to offer the consumers the option to adjust their shade according to their needs with a sleek, low-lying aerodynamic design. ShadyFace is also travel friendly for the sand, parks, yachts and cruise ships so everyone can now be on the top deck of any vessel or head for a “ship to shore excursion” taking ShadyFace with them for their private shade when relaxing under or reading electronics, the perfect “carry-on ” on most major airlines.

Besides hotels, yachts and beaches, where else can people bring/use your product?

Well, umbrellas do not work on cruise ships or yachts and tents cannot be pitched on a lounge recliner! ShadyFace, on the other hand was specifically designed to apply to the ground or any lounge recliner since it comes equipped with ground spikes and security belts for fastening when at sea. ShadyFace also comes in its own backpack, so one can take it hiking, camping, or biking. Once you get to your destination, just relax and unwind by reading a book, use your electronics or just nap under your cool and shaded ShadyFace.

What are the health benefits to using a ShadyFace?

Simple… Since ShadyFace can be taken anywhere, one never has to search for shade since its travel friendly. A high concentration of SPF is always essential, however, staying out of the direct sun and knowing now that the sun is only becoming more harmful and dangerous, why not use a ShadyFace?!

What has been the hardest thing to overcome while inventing this product?

It was hard to deal with people to “think out of the box” when looking and considering my product. ShadyFace is the first in its class and category as a “portable sunshade” which has never existed before. At first people could not understand how to use a “portable sunshade” and I’d receive questions like “Does it go on the ground or lounge recliners?” or they would ask questions like “Is ShadyFace a hat? Sunglasses? A chair? Umbrella?”


Where can people currently buy your products?

Currently from our website and eventually distributors.

Who has been a role model in your life growing up, and how has that influenced your mindset in everything that you do with ShadyFace?

My two wonderful Austrian parents who immigrated to the United States from Vienna. Their “American Dream” was difficult for them to obtain coming from Europe, speaking broken English and holding two suitcases in hand, but they over came their fears, never sacrificing their scruples and keeping their integrity. If my parents could achieve their “American Dream” as immigrants, nothing should be more motivational for me than to achieve my “American Dream” with ShadyFace.

Where do you see yourself and product in a year or two from now?

My vision and future for ShadyFace Sunshades is to see my shades one day all over the world and in every country, whether on land or sea.

If you weren’t busy making ShadyFace into the success that it is, what would you be doing?

Well, my mind is always working, so aside from ShadyFace, I’m now working on “ShadyPaws” for the animals, “ToddlerShade” for the baby world, and a ShadyFace Skin Care Line.

What is your favorite vacation destination?

This has got to be answered with a few places including Santorini, Capri, and of course the birth place of “ShadyFace” which are the Islands of Hawaii!