It’s 2016 and award season (Golden Globes, Oscars, Grammys, etc.) is just around the corner. And instead of sticking with the “same old” brands, celebrity stylists from around the globe are looking for new unique designs/collections to place on their clients, and one of those brands is Jolie Jewelry!

Jolie Jewelry ( was created by Aleksandra Alekhina, who also serves as the brand’s Creative Director, and has turned her passion for design into a household name in the jewelry industry in Russia, Japan and Austria. Now with 2016 here, Aleksandra is bringing her jewelry to America and has just opened her first Los Angeles-based showroom.

The Levity Ball sat down with the brand’s mastermind to find out more on this exciting expansion…

How did you first get started in the jewelry industry?

I have been in the beauty business since I was 16, mainly as a hair stylist and an image maker. I got my post graduate degree as a professional image maker and after all those 15 years and working with different clients, I decided that it was easier to create jewelry for them, rather than go out and look for specific items already made. This mindset and idea pushed me to new area of jewelry creation, and towards allowing myself to give clients exactly what suited them best.


What do you feel makes your jewelry different than others?

We create jewelry made of silver but done in such a precise manner that it looks and feels as top notch jewelry pieces. And our prices are very competitive. .

Was it difficult to make the move recently from Moscow to America (now living in California)?

It is not as easy as it might look like. This is a new life step and few things are very different from what I get used to. So I have to start from point zero again and learn and try as if I never done it in my life before.

You have jewelry locations in Russia, Japan and Austria, and you just recently opened a new showroom in Los Angeles… What markets in your worldwide expansion plans are next?

We have recently started a new division in Australia. However, we are currently mainly concentrating on the USA market.

What is your advice to others looking at getting into the jewelry and fashion world?

There are two major thoughts you get when considering fashion and jewelry business:

  1. Seems nowadays everybody is a designer so I can be the one.
  2. Everything I create is already created by someone, so I can not be different.

But you have to get yourself a third thought: just keep on doing what you do, and you can dig a diamond out of your creativity.

What new upcoming collections are you currently working on?

I am currently working on simple forms and shapes that individuals can combine with different pieces, switching from simple earrings to evening look.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Is cloning myself already possible in that world?! The only thing is I am sure of is that all kids need a mother and I wish working mamas would have more time to spend with their kids.