I don’t exactly remember Reality TV being a part of the Blueprint laid out in either one of three volumes of Jay Z’s dissertation, but hey if it is not broken, then why seek to fix. West Coast rapper The Game is the latest of a host of rappers to turn to TV, reality-wise that is. For those who think that publicity stunts do not work, or Great P.R. for that matter, you are now tuned into the testimony. Exhibit A: A few months back when The Game supposedly caught cold feet before his big wedding day? ( a hoax if u ask anyone with a pinch of PR-savvy) Well it paid off-literally. Not only did he get his bride back, but he’s also getting a check (half which will be hers, “no-really-half”) The Game is set to star in a new reality series titled, “Marrying the Game” which will follow the love-tales of This Compton-bred MC and his straight laced life partner, school teacher Tiffany Cambridge as they prepare to exchange vows. Flanked by their children: Harlem, King Justice, and Cali Dream the series will document their unexpected good girl, meets bad guy love ordeal, in which Miss Cambridge warns, she never wanted to be involved with his rapper alter-ego.

The series debuts on VH1 November 19th @ 9:30PM