As the old saying goes, you should always find time to “TREAT YOURSELF“! But with so much going on these days and many people have various forms of anxiety, finding a way to treat yourself in today’s climate is difficult. Cue in Revive Bath Bombs, a new company and product that is helping people to relax in the bath, while mixing in some natural science to help them relax even more and take their mind’s off the day’s problems.

Revive Bath Bombs are CBD-infused bath bombs! And for those who may not know exactly what CBD is, CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural non-psychoactive component of cannabis which provides all the benefits of the plant without any of the stigma. Cannabidiol is derived from hemp and interacts and positively effects the body through the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS) or endocannabinoid system to help treat issues such as anxiety, epilepsy, inflammation, cancer and chronic pain to name few.

The Levity Ball sat down with Revive’s Shawhin Maghbouleh to find out more about this hot new product that people can’t get enough of…

Tell us how you came up with the idea to form Revive Bath Bombs?

While at USC for Business School in 2016, I was exploring the options of the best way to introduce the benefits of CBD to the masses without having it be something that needed to be ingested. With the lotion market already booming, I turned to a more immersive way to take care of body pains and aches experienced by so many and the idea of CBD bath bombs were created. We currently offer Pain Relief, Relaxation, Arousal and Detox bath bombs, each one helps make a different aspect of your life significantly better.

Women (and some guys) love bath bombs! Was it an easy match when figuring out what type of product you wanted to infuse with CBD? Or what types of tests did you go through?

Introducing CBD infused Bath Bombs was no brainer after seeing the success of large scale beauty companies such as LUSH and how relaxation, pain relief and Bath Bombs have become synonymous. By adding CBD to an already immersive environment, Revive Bath Bombs has helped people tackle a plethora of problems, from pain relief to detox while adding an intimate element with our arousal bath bomb.

What other wellness products does your company offer?

As of now Revive Bath Bombs is only offering Bath Bombs but we have plans to eventually introduce coffee and sugar scrubs, face masks, and many other moisturizing skin care products with CBD.

Back to the bath bombs, what benefits does the infused-CBD have for people using this in the bath?

CBD or cannabidiol when used externally can significantly help with pains and aches, improve sleep, has anti inflammatory agents and is a powerful antioxidant that can help with issues such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as reduce acne. The CBD acts as a catalyst to help bring out the best in the organic essential oils we use as well.

What would your advice be to first-time users of any type of CBD product?

The best advice I can offer anyone using CBD for the First time is to use the powerful naturally occurring compound externally for localized aches and pains through the use of a lotion of bath bomb, and eventually graduate to ingesting CBD through more familiar methods such as gummies and vapes.

Where can us New Yorkers grab your products?

Revive Bath Bombs ships nationally through we offer both one off purchases of our individual bath bombs and a subscription box that offers one of each bath bomb monthly, we are also featured in Sommer Rays “Sommthings Box” which is a Bi-Monthly subscription box that features our Bath bombs.

What is the ultimate goal for you and Revive Bath Bombs?

The ultimate goal for myself and Revive Bath Bombs is to help create a company that’s focused on its customers and helping them improve their life through this amazing compound. We understand how CBD can help individuals with many issues and our mission is to continue to create fun innovative products that will address these issues while creating a fun and healthy ecosystem centered in self love and healthy living.

Away from business questions, do you ever get a chance to come to New York?

Unfortunately its been 6 years since I’ve had the chance to come to New York but I’m planning on changing that this summer and coming out and grabbing some of the original Halal guys, some artichoke pizza and check out the famous New York nightlife.

And finally, what do you want your company to be remembered for years down the line when people look back at how it all started?

That our focus was helping others. We want to be remembered as one of the pioneers of the CBD skincare game and as the company that decided to take a new and innovative approach on helping people utilize CBD at an affordable price.