In an age of Twitter, Facebook and blogs, there are more outlets than ever to speak your mind and express yourself. It’s seems now the movement has found it’s way to the world of fashion. The latest trend that has continued to rise in popularity are humor tees. Quite literally making a fashion “statement”,  humorous t-shirts have found a following for both their comfort and their tongue and cheek humor. Between tourists, celebrities and your everyday lover of humor based apparel, people can’t seem to get enough of these humorous tees.

The trend is not entirely new, for decades consumers have been happy to buy fun t-shirts from their vacation adventures. Who could forget the ” and all I got was this stupid t-shirt” or the “I’m with stupid” tees? In many ways they were the pioneers of what was to come to be a multi-millionaire dollar industry. As father’s day approaches, one of the top hits for gifts for the special occasion brings you to sites offering humorous tees to bring a smile to your beloved father’s face.


The latest entrepreneur to take on the rising trend is Erin McGhee, founder of the popular humor apparel brand known as GoodGirl Tees & Tanks out of Seattle, Washington. GoodGirl Tees has already found fans among the likes of Brooke Burke, Kellie Pickler, Cheryl Burke, Abigail Hargrove, and Olympic Gold Medalist Aly Raisman. Aiming to “celebrate women and girls who know their minds, know what they want and tend not to follow the rules.” GoodGirl Tees has grown to become a leader in apparel that empowers women and lend a very visual aid in expressing oneself.

In a new craze, celebrities have caught on to using these cheeky visual statements as a way to communicate with their public and critic’s through the lens of the paparazzi. The likes of Britney Spears, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and even David Hasselhoff have made clear statements on their t-shirts through the media which are then read instant read across the world with one single photograph. Sometimes the statements are made to express political views like P. Diddy did when he was spotted wearing a t-shirt that says “Vote or Die” to encourage voting during the presidential election. Some opt to spread the word of social causes like David Beckham who sported a t-shirt with his wife Victoria Beckham on it as part of the “Protect the skin your in campaign” in support of skin cancer awareness. What a great way to spread the word about important issues to a mass audience.


The most entertaining however, are those humorous t-shirts that the celebs wear that are in response to something and often glib. For years Lindsay Lohan was ridiculed for her weight loss and skinny frame, in reply she was photographed wearing a shirt that read “Skinny Bitch”. Jessica Simpson infamously wore a shirt stating ” Real girls eat meat” which was seen as a jab at Carrie Underwood, a devout vegetarian and former girlfriend of Jessica’s then boyfriend Tony Romo. Britney Spears made headlines after her very public break up with Justin Timberlake when she was photographed wearing a shirt that read “Dump him” mere days after news surfaced that he had a new girlfriend, Alyssa Milano. Celebrities are certainly using this trend of humorous tees to speak their mind without actually saying anything at, pretty clever.

The trend also carries over to everyday people who prefer to wear their hearts on their sleeves and express themselves. Both men and women are noted for utilizing the tees in their day to day. A unique shirt that has been quite popular amongst the LGBT community is the “Luv’d by MENy” line. An obvious play on words, the shirts serve as an empowering visual statement, much like that provided by GoodGirl Tees, but with a less biting approach.  Men tend to take a liking to the more innuendo based humor tees, along the lines of “That’s what she said” from the hit TV series The Office, which is a top seller. Regardless, it’s safe to say that there is something for everyone.


With a fashion niche that rakes in over 20 million dollars annually and continues to rise, it appears that there will continue to be a lot more things to say with what you wear. Fashion statements can be made by anyone these days. A quick photo of yourself wearing a shirt that expresses the sentiments you feel that day can then be uploaded to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and instantly your voice well be heard…well read.

So say what you need to say and if you can’t quite speak it, wear it.


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