In the words of cast member Charles Ferri, Esquire’s new show Lucky Bastards is about “a group of friends having fun and living it up.” This is good news for reality TV fans everywhere who are tired of the typical negativity associated with this genre. This show is fun. This show will make you laugh. You will be shocked, surprised, and not resist living vicariously through the antics of the Lucky Bastards. Cast member Lorenzo Borghese had this to say about people who are interested in checking out the show “I want them to realize that this is not about our egos, nor is this a negative show.  It’s a fun and funny show. I want people to laugh and be happy as they watch us. I want them to say things such as, ‘What an idiot,’ ‘I can’t believe he just said that,’ ‘Did that just happen?’ I want them to watch us with hands over their eyes as if they were watching a horror movie but with an enormous smile on their face.”

lucky-bastards-show-page-cover-april-16th-removed So what is Lucky Bastards? It’s a new reality series on the Esquire Network following the lives of six successful bachelors in New York City. These six men are a group of friends who love beautiful women, good drink, a daring challenge and hard work. This show is about friendship, having fun and what it’s like to be successful and single in New York City. Follow the lives of these men as they work hard and live outrageously fun lives. Cast member Lorenzo said, “My friends have always asked me, ‘What’s it like being you for a day?’ and I always felt the question was ridiculous. I was then approached to do this show, a show that follows my daily life.  Although I’m certainly a Lucky Bastard, I wanted to show people that I’m no different or special than anyone else.” So, who are the six Lucky Bastards? Here’s a quick rundown to acquaint you with the cast members.



Lorenzo Borghese is a former contestant on ABC’s The Bachelor. But most notably, Lorenzo is an Italian Prince…really and truly. Lorenzo lives in a high class Manhattan hotel on Central Park. A successful businessman, Lorenzo Borghese owns several companies including RumGolf and Prince Lorenzo’s Royal Treatment. In his spare time, Lorenzo works with his own charity animal rights foundation, Animal Aid USA.   lucky-bastards-head-shot-craig-clemens







Craig Clemens is an executive in cosmetics and enjoys break dancing on the side. Despite the luxury of running his cosmetics business from home, Craig has achieved great success. In the past decade he has started multiple multimillion dollar businesses. His success is not limited to business though. He is a dedicated yogi and has accomplished the world’s highest bungee jump within the same week he that he climbed Mount Kinabalu.     lucky-bastards-head-shot-rocco-cafferelli







Rocco Cafferelli comes from a fashion-loving family. A self-proclaimed dabbler, Rocco prefers to live on the wild side and has never held down a job permanently. He loves beautiful women and is always able to have a good time. In the 90s Rocco and his brother worked in the Y2K business and did extremely well. He is currently starting his own luxury fashion line in denim and is the son of a fashion tycoon in women’s clothing. Rocco has traveled the world pursuing his passions: women, drinking, sailing, diving, and maybe just a little more drinking!     lucky-bastards-head-shot-scott-mitchell





Scott Mitchell, often affectionately associated with the “Scottourage” by his friends, is a ladies’ man by night and an independent wealth manager by day. Scott was born and raised in New York, and now lives amongst the elite society of Manhattan. He is constantly surrounded by beautiful women, whether they be fashionistas, models or Miss Universes. Scott prefers the independent life, and enjoys managing his own business schedule with a unique flexibility and spontaneity. Besides working in capital investments, Scott dabbles in real estate and currently manages his own high end concierge and model service. Well connected with Manhattan’s billionaires and beautiful women, Scott keeps himself busy and travels the world at a moment’s notice.   lucky-bastards-head-shot-adam-campbell



Adam Campbell has just moved from LA to NY and is interested in settling down. Claiming to have exhausted his options in LA, Adam is now on the search for the perfect one, and hopes to find her in NYC. Adam is a go-getter, and lives his life brake-free. He loves hotel living, and has traveled the world, ever in search of a good time. Adam’s career as a digital media marketing consultant has brought him much success.     lucky-bastards-head-shot-charles-ferri








Charles Ferri is unique to the bunch in that he is the only one in a committed relationship. He lives with his girlfriend, the beautiful and charming Melissa, in his brownstone in Hell’s Kitchen. On the show you will learn much about his own luxury vodka brand called Star Vodka. Previously, Charles enjoyed incredible success as the owner of several nightclubs and as a wealth manager. However, these endeavors didn’t fulfill his passions, so he left everything behind and sold his home and cars in order to launch Star Vodka.




One of my personal favorite aspects of the show is that each of these fine gentlemen is successful in their own right; they build greatness through hard work and determination. Even those that had help along the way have taken full advantage of the opportunities afforded to them and used them to grow, expand and create. Contrary to displays of ego, these men exude warranted pride and confidence. They are not seeking fame for fame’s sake. (Often a reality star mantra.) These six talk the talk and consistently walk the walk, giving credence to the words of John Steinbeck, “Perhaps the less we have, the more we are required to brag.” Charles, Lorenzo, Craig, Scott, Adam and Rocco may very well be on their way to becoming globally recognizable faces and household names trending daily on social media. I don’t believe this will change them at all; instead allow them to continue to selflessly share their fun and love of life with all of us. In this day and age, isn’t one more reason to smile a wonderful thing? If you think not, I would ask were the cause understandable jealousy or worse…taking oneself just too damn seriously. Perhaps it’s time to lighten up and simply have a little fun!

Overall, this is just a refreshingly funny show about friendship and a bunch of truly lucky bastards.