Award Winning producer, singer, director, writer, actor and former lacrosse player. Those are the many titles and labels given to Bryce Hirschberg, the rising Hollywood star who has been making news across the country with his various projects since starring in the 2017 film Counterfeiters.

From his love of New York to what’s coming up, The Levity Ball sat down with Bryce in his “normal” house boat to find out more…

When did you first know you wanted to be in the entertainment industry?

First of all it’s an honor being interviewed by you guys and thanks for having me! Secondly, I’ve ALWAYS known I wanted to be in entertainment, I’ve been a performer for my friends and family from a very young age. I remember getting in my sock and doing Michael Jackson impersonations on my dining room table as a kid. As I grew older I found that I could be a performer for a living! I I do all sorts of story telling from telling long jokes with no punch lines, to song writing, to physically performing, so I realized that the ultimate for of entertainment would be making movies! So, I applied for film school after making lots of short film with my best friends in high school, and was accepted to Loyola Marymount University’s film program! The rest is history!

Besides acting, writing and directing, you are also involved in the music industry. What can we expect from you in the future in terms of your music?

Another one of my massive passions is music. When I was a senior in High School I taught myself how to play piano. I wanted to learn to play on song, Apologize by One Republic, figured it would help me get girls. I never learned how to read music but found that I could play by ear. Then one song became the next, and now I can play almost anything! I always sang a bit as well, and people seemed to like it but I didn’t pay it too much mind until after I made my first feature film. Many people suggested that I write and record my own music… and sooo since movies take years to make and songs can be made more often I felt that I could fulfill my creative need in this way. So yes, I am in the process of recording my first album featuring my original songs and performing them live as well along with some of my most popular covers.

Rewind a bit: Growing up you were also an All-County/American lacrosse player. Do you ever miss the game? How did the game prepare you for life today?

I miss playing sports more than anything! I grew up playing hockey, but in Southern California it isn’t a sport that High Schools offer so I tried football because it’s my favorite sport. What I found was that lacrosse was a perfect combo between the two sports which I found the most success in. Overall I just LOVE competition. So even if it’s not lacrosse, I find myself getting obsessed with pool or ping pong or what ever I can learn and eventually kick someones butt in!

Serious Bryce.

What about being in entertainment and music is so satisfying to you?

I think there is something powerful and magical about escaping into a story that isn’t your own. When I could paint a picture for a couple minutes or a couple hours where I can transport an audience into “my” world and get them to escape from or reflect on their own life, I love that ability. Overall, I just want to leave a lasting impact on people.

Your first major film that you created top to bottom called “Counterfeiters” appeared and won a ton of awards at various film festivals globally. Where can people go to watch this film to see how you started off?

My first feature film, “Counterfeiters” was an amazing experience for me. It did win awards at festivals around the world, and was shown in some of the movie theaters that I grew up going to, which was incredible! You can stream it live here at this link:

What is the best advice you would give to others wanting to move to Hollywood and pursue their dreams?

Do it. Just about every person on planet earth has once dreamed of being on TV, or in a movie, or a magazine, or walking a red carpet. Only less than 5% of people actually take the steps of following their dreams. Of course an even smaller percentage will eventually succeed. But you can be that small percent if you work hard. If being in entertainment is something that you want to do, the journey will be every bit of an exciting life filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows. It’s for the faint of heart but for those who dream the biggest. It is ok to dream, most do, but following your dreams is special… be special! You can!

Now back to your lifestyle for a moment: You live on a house boat… how does that help you just relax away from the Hollywood “scene”?

Well just to clarify it’s not a “house boat” it’s a “normal boat.” haha… A 40ft Carver motor yacht. Nothing super fancy but my brother and I both live on it. We LOVE to entertain. It’s our version of the “Hollywood scene.” People from all around come to the boat and we take it out to sea and party! But yes, when it’s not a “boat day” there’s nothings more therapeutic than living on the water, away from the city, yet still in LA.

Bryce on a boat. A ‘normal’ boat.

When you aren’t on your normal boar, have you ever filmed anything here in New York? Or do you plan on visiting town in the future once stuff calms down?

I’ve never filmed anything in New York but Scorsese has made it so I’ve been obsessed with the opportunity forever. One of my best friends lives in FIDI and I stayed with him this past summer for a week. IT WAS INCREDIBLE, my first time in NYC as an adult. He was a great chaperone. I memorized all the stops on the ACE before I left. I will definitely be returning.

Any special spots in New York you love to visit or hang at?

I went all over Manhattan! I spent a lot of time doing lots of cool “summery” things. Like I played beach volleyball in TriBeca, and went to the rooftop bar Le Bain, at the Standard. Walked the High Line. Ate AMAZING food in Hells Kitchen and went out in the Lower East side – which is more my vibe being a Westside LA guy. I even went to the Top of the Rock and am super afraid of heights so that was a feat for me haha. I look forward to doing much more!

Where do you see yourself and career in five years from now?

In 5 years from now I want to have and Oscar, a Grammy, a wife and a child or two, and I want to be actively involved in helping underprivileged youth follow their dreams in any way that I can, if it’s a summer camp or after school program, etc.

And final question: What do you want to be remembered for?

Actors, singers, models, socialites are they people that kids these days want to be. I want to be the person who makes it “cool” to just be a storyteller. So many people won’t follow their dreams for whatever reason. I want to be at least one example that with hard work, determination, and a unique perspective anyone can accomplish their dreams.