David Golshan is a man who has seen and experienced it all. From being casted on BRAVO’s hit television series The Shahs of Sunset, to trying to find love on the network’s Millionaire Matchmaker, to starting his own high-end online fashion store Womensuits.com, there is nothing Mr. Golshan cannot do.

The Levity Ball sat down in Los Angeles with the very outspoken Golshan to hear more about his various experiences, and what he is up to today…

What first attracted you to starting a women’s fashion online store (www.womensuits.com)?

G031-FIXEDI have some close family members that are in the fashion industry and I have always been a computer nerd. So, when I was in high school, I decided to start a website selling women’s high end fashion. It took me a whole year to get the first order. Then, I would receive about 1 order a week. When I went to college, It went up to 3-5 orders a week. Still nothing. Then, after I graduated college, I was sitting in my LSAT class and preparing for law school. It was horrendous. I decided to go to the computer room during lunch and check my orders for the day. That day, for some reason, I had more orders than the previous 5 years combined. So, I thought to myself, do I want to really go to law school or do I want to pursue this business that I already started? I went back to the LSAT class and began to put all my books in my backback. I was siting in the front row. The teacher asked me “whats going on?” I shook his hand, and said “it was great meeting you,” and I walked out of there. The rest is history.

You were also previously on BRAVO’s Shahs of Sunset & the network’s Millionaire Matchmaker… How were those experiences?

Millionaire Matchmaker was a great experience. I had met one of the casting directors at a lounge on the Sunset Strip. She asked me to come on the show. I said I would if I could do it my way and have fun with it. It was a blast.

Shahs of Sunset was a different experience. I knew some of the guys on the show and when the producers asked me to be on it, I knew it would be a big commitment on my time but I was extremely excited. At the time, I was partying a lot, driving fast cars, and living free. I was doing a lot of standup comedy and having a good time.  The producers seemed very interested in my life. I told them that I love to do outrageous things. We filmed A LOT of fun and comedic things for the show. But every time I did something funny or wild, they seemed displeased. They said that I wasn’t being “real”  and I didn’t understand what their definition of real was. Was being real seeing 30 and 40 year olds fighting & yelling over canned reality show situations?! The producers knew that I was a comedian and I wasn’t going to just show up and start fighting or arguing over who won the fake champagne naming competition. I mean, come on. Everyone was fine during a short break in filming. Then I would turn around and see four people yelling about “cameltoe” in the kitchen with three cameras turned back on. I never got the memo on what fake arguments to jump in on. Here is what I figured out: They don’t want to laugh with you, they want to laugh AT you. That’s the short of it. [After taping and leaving the show] I sent thank you letters and flowers to [producers] Ryan Seacrest & Andy Cohen. I just wanted to thank them for having me on the show. I didn’t receive a response from either of them.

 What are your thoughts on reality television as a whole?

In the last few years, I have done a good amount of film roles, TV, and standup comedy. I love it. I love the people. I love the casts and crews. I love the audience. There is a reason we have guilds like SAG in Hollywood. Reality shows don’t like SAG. Most reality shows are non-union. Reality shows don’t have the same respect for actors/participants, writers, producers, editors etc. They treat reality show participants like the way a corporation treats a low paid temp. Unless you own the reality show (like the Kardashians) Many of today’s reality show cast and crew are expected to work for peanuts. Producers take advantage of peoples hunger for fame or to move up in production roles and use that to not pay them. They make participants sign lengthy contracts in which the show “owns” the participant and takes a cut of any money they make from their new found fame.  Today’s reality show people are what professional wrestlers were in the 80’s. Everyone knows that it’s fake, but all the participants have to pretend that it’s real. Wrestlers weren’t allowed to say that the matches were staged and that they didn’t really hate or love each other. The WWF [now WWE] made millions while they made $400 a match… That is today’s Reality TV.

Would you ever go back on another show?

Well, after all that, of course! (laugh..)


Back to your company… What brands are most popular on www.womensuits.com?

Nice segway. Womensuits.com’s #1 brand is Donna Vinci. They are the leader in women’s high end suits and in womens church suits.

What are your personal favorite brands to wear?

I love Dolce Gabbana. I love H&M. I love Hugo Boss. This season we are finally adding men’s fashion suits to Womensuits.com as a well.

What makes  www.womensuits.com different than other online stores out there?

We are the only website and print catalog in our genre that offers, free shipping, a best price guarantee, a rewards program, telephone customer service, and a no hassle return policy. Womensuits.com also has the biggest collection of luxury church hats and Kentucky Derby Hats!

What is your advice to others wanting to either go into the entertainment industry and/or running their own store?

Focus on your business but structure it in a way in which you can go to an audition in less than 24 hours notice.  Don’t give up. Use your knowledge of business as a strength when talking to agents and casting directors.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Eliminate injustice.

How can fans of yours stay connected with you?

You can visit me on www.davidgolshan.com and shop on www.womensuits.com – Its women’s suits, hats, dresses, and accessories for church and special occasion in sizes 4-34!