Versatile, yet Hip Hop in every since of the word, Up and Coming Brooklyn, New York MC Da Twin Prince is major in the mind, yet grassroots and Indie with the grind. Never one to look to be fed, he pursues his goals with a drive reminiscent of some of the greats of all time in their heyday. From show to show, promotional opportunity to opportunity, Da Twin Prince is on a mission to get what he deserves. Never heard of him? That won’t be the case for long, as this word-smith’s buzz is building and the recognition is coming by the bundles. On the tip of the tongues of many an underground expert, Da Twin is doing his part by offering quality release after quality release. His most recent, “Talk Money, Got Swagg” is climbing underground online charts by the day, and becoming a highly sought after hit for the indie scene.


This student of the game turned performer lists the likes of Biggie Smalls, the Roots, Jay-Z to name a few as his influences; inspiration, rather, like many others who have picked up a mic the ultimate goal may be the lights and plaques, yet on the part of Da Twin there is no sacrifice of the art, the creativity.  With his ability to write to the entertainment of any audience, Da Twin has displayed his understanding of one of the most important elements- song writing His record making capacity is unparalleled as such an early age. Along with his penning hits for others, as well as himself, coupled with beat making, this Rising Star is definitely on his way.

His “Swagg Monsta Mistape” series has been used as an inception for his emergence and rightful placement amongst the newest crop of MCs that Hip Hop has to offer.  Branding all at costs, Da Twin has impressed all that he has come into contact with, prioritizing the business of networking and its importance as well as putting quality bars on every beat.


Gifted to say the least, Da Twin Prince has been compared to Tyga, B.O.B as well as G.O.O.D Music’s own Big Sean; an impressive class to be mentioned with if I might say.  With the burden and proof at his doorstep this Brooklynite will surely continue to surprise naysayers, and nourish his fans.

TALK MONEY, GOT SWAGG is available online: