A band that began due to hatred of bad music sounds like the perfect recipe for a great punk band. Cross Wires, from Bethnal Green and Romford, UK, are bringing music back to a time when talent, energy, and bleeding hearts were found in every word. With the release of their newest EP, Assembly, Cross Wires is making the stage dive into a sweaty, welcoming, musical pool.

Cross Wires is a fairly new band (2010) with punk and post punk influences, with some new wave vibes thrown in for fun. Four (good) music-loving dudes, Jonathan Chapman on vocals, Peter Muller on guitar, Pete Letch on bass, and drummer Ian Clarke are the masterminds behind one of the best punk influenced bands to have come into the airwaves in the past ten years. With attitude and gusto, Cross Wires, Assembly EP, has the power to make bodies thrash and voice boxes sing along.

551058_579737158773831_242884388_nAssembly is comprised of four tracks: “Stranger’s Bed,” “Acid Bath,” “I Want To Be Your Man (Again),” and “White Dress.” Each track has its own particular, aural scent-all full of just enough punk innovation to satisfy even the most critical music snob’s ears. Assembly has not one, but four, tracks that seem to get stuck in-between the ears. With musical influences from the Buzzcocks, Joy Division, The Smiths, XTC, Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Clash and other musical punk/new wave gods-Cross Wires has been able to include elements and vibes from their musical influences, but in a way that makes them entirely unique and new.

Cross Wires now has four EP’s under their studded belts-Forward/Repeat, Animal Heat, Dark Water and most recently, Assembly. Each EP marks a significant time for the band in their musical careers. Forward/Repeat and Animal Heat allowed Cross Wires to show themselves to the world in 2011. Since the release of their first EP’s, Cross Wires is proving that they are here to stay. Their newest EP, Assembly, released February 3, 2014 is just a predictor of what’s to come for this talented foursome. So much talent and obvious passion in four songs is enough to have fans drooling for more.

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