Prog-rock group Coheed and Cambria have never known for their limited scope. Their career has spanned five albums in ten years, most clocking at well over typical album length, and all contained in a science-fiction adventure known as The Amory Wars. The band has recently announced a double album called The Aftermath. Part one is called Ascension and Part two is titled Descension. Ascension is expected to be released October 9, and Descension is tentatively scheduled for early 2013.

The double album will detail the journeys of Sirius Amory as he explores the key work and its origins. For those who have no idea what this means, a long journey of through Coheed and Cambria’s previous material may be in your own future. Regardless, the music can be enjoyed despite deep or even any knowledge behind the lyrics. Though it is worth saying that track titles like “Key Entity Extraction I: Domino the Destitute” and “Sentry the Defiant” (both songs confirmed for the album) will be more than just slightly confusing.

Though the Amory Wars themselves are over, as chronicled musically in the first four Coheed and Cambria albums, The Aftermath continues the strong sci-fi elements in the same universe. As built largely by Claudio Sanchez, the group’s front man and singer, the story exists in comic book form and, of course, in the form of the band’s album catalog.

The album also marks the return of the band’s key drummer Josh Eppard who was kicked out of the band in 2006 for alleged drug abuse. His drumming skills gave the group a signature style for their early albums, and his return is considered great news for fans who found the drumming less than exceptional and lacking Eppard’s styling in the group’s last few albums.

Expect a nationwide tour to commence for Summer 2012, as the band is currently developing how to include all the new songs into their set lists and wrapping up production of The Aftermath: Descension.

The band has also announced an accompanying children’s book to be released alongside the album. So for those who find the story and terminology of the Amory Wars overwhelming, can get it simplified-narrated by a puppy.