Rick Ross has been speaking out to friends and supporters regarding his oust from the Reebok payroll as a result of his controversy lyrics on Rocko’s U.O.E.N.O.  Citing his success in making Reebok “relevant again” and his opinion that he should have been extended corporate forgiveness as a result.

Never one to dispel criticism of a big ego, but frankly why would a self proclaimed BAWSE ever do so? Behold his ego, flamboyance, and candor on display as Ross took to twitter posting pics of himself switching his swag from Reeboks to Jordans which hasn’t really sat well with his nay-sayers who reckon that if the MMG head honcho were truly remorseful he would upping the ante on his community work via organizations that resource for rape victims not posting pics of J’s.  Something to think about

“Get into the mind of a Basquiat-inspired individual”