When you think of water, you normally think of a clear liquid. Well, prepare to be mind-blown, as things are about to change thanks to CJ Comu, the brilliant mastermind behind EarthWater aka FulHum (!

FulHum is the world’s first BLACK ‘colored’ water that is fully natural and comprised of a rich USDA composition of fulvic & humic minerals deep from within the Earth aka its pretty freakin’ healthy for you! Stars and athletes such as Jamie Foxx, Fergie, Enrique Iglesias, Derek Jeter, Ivanka Trump, Anthony Anderson, Dan Marino, and Emmitt Smith have all been seen sipping back bottles (which is cleverly shaped in the form of the earth).

The Levity Ball sat down with CJ to learn more about how he is changing the color of water and bringing to market a gluten free, lactose free, kosher and USDA certified organic beverage…
How did you first get started in the water/beverage industry?

I got in the Beverage Industry by accident. While in London on business I met an 82-year-old man who described how his life had changed by drinking a concentrate made of “Fulvic & Humic” composition. First I laughed it off as another “story” till I started investigating it and drinking it and then it became a passion to help change and improve people’s lives – if they would just try this 100% natural product called “FulHum” instead of bottled sugar drinks.

What makes your water different than others?

Our product is comprised of a rich USDA composition of Fulvic & Humic minerals deep from within the Earth from a sterile mine that carries up to 77 essential trace minerals that are lacking in our soil and food products. The minerals are then liquidated and converted to a concentrate and infused into purified water – creating (what we think) is the “Greatest Beverage on Earth.”


Was it difficult to introduce a new type of water to the marketplace?

Let me see… YES!!! When 99% of the water category is “clear” and we introduce a “black” water – and the education of why it is that color – was the challenge. However when people saw (a) no odor and (b) tastes like water – they ask WHY? We explain its minerals from the earth with high PH.

We need water to live… how has your company helped in giving back to the world?

We are a new company with only a year under our belt. We are pouring every dollar we generate back into the company to grow. Our plans are to create an EarthWater Foundation and in turn give money to help feed people around the world that suffer from starvation. We are also partnering with various charity organizations and non-profits for their Spring/Summer outdoor events to help fuel their participants.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Stay the Course. When you pick a plan and embark on a journey, there will be rough & tough days and since you can’t (a) turn back and (b) jump ship, you must figure out how to “hold on” and stay the course and figure out how to solve the challenges.

What is your advice to others looking at getting into the beverage industry?

It is a highly crowded “me2” space so you need to differentiate what you are offering and explain it in one sentence. Consumers are getting smarter and you must be honest and open with your story.

What fun stuff is coming up for FulHum this year?

Every day is filled with fun. We have news we issue almost every week and have events and sponsorships coming up along with new market expansion and the BIG news is a brand new line and SKU that will be released in a few months… stay tuned!

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

World Hunger. It’s a travesty to hear about the thousands of people that die every day due to lack of food and water. Anything we can do to help save one life at at a time is part of our plans with the launch of the EarthWater Foundation later this year.