Toying with the idea of titling her forthcoming fifth album One Woman Army has come to a close for Ciara, who chose to go the self title route recently releasing the track listing for what should shape up to be quite an impressive summer project.  Provided the “push back” guards do not get their hands on the material, “Ciara” should be arriving July 9th.

The album includes 10 tracks and include the smash single “Body Part” as well as “I’m Out” and “Where You Go” a duet with her beau Future.  Be sure to check out “Living It Up” which is the perfect celebration song, penned by Wynter Gordon

1. “I’m Out” feat. Nicki Minaj
2. “Sophomore”
3. “Body Party”
4. “Keep on Lookin”
5. “Read My Lips”
6. “Where You Go” feat. Future
7. “Super Turnt Up” feat. Ciara
8. “DUI”
9. “Livin’ It Up”
10. “Overdose”