Chris Rich. A name which, if you haven’t heard it already, will soon be etched in your memory. Chris Rich is many things. A model. An actor. A singer. Above all, he is an entertainer dedicated to spreading his gifts with the world. Chris Rich is accomplished in many arts–he has credits in film, television, runways, and even within the music scene. It is rare in the modern industry to see someone with so much drive and so much to give. The modern entertainment world is so often reliant on quick, 15-minute “reality stars” that cling to fame with little talent and nothing to their name but infamy. Chris Rich, on the other hand, intends to use his talents to make a name for him the right way: the way that will make him remembered not for a reality sound bite, but for the way he has impacted the world.

Chris Rich’s film and television credits include:

Trois 3: The Escort, from Rainforest Films; The Coloring, from Abuzz Films; Born and Raised, from Jerry Riggs films; Army Wives, from Lifetime; Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, from TBS; For One Night, from Lifetime; and Walker Texas Ranger, from CBS. In addition to his film and television credits, Chris Rich has also performed on the stage. His most notable role included a performance in a regional production of Looking For Love in All The Wrong Places.

Can an actor be a model—and vice versa? Some people would say no. But Chris Rich is not only a talented television, film and stage actor, he is also a model with some prestigious credits to his name. His modeling credits include hundreds of different runways. He has walked runways for Neiman Marcus, Russell Athletics, Saks, Sean John–just to name a few. His modeling career has also included work in advertising, although he is most well-known for his runway work.


Can an actor be a model… and a singer, too? It is unusual, but it does happen—and Chris Rich is one of those lucky few who are talented enough to have their hands in multiple entertainment worlds. Chris Rich’s previous music work has given him the amazing opportunity to work with talented musicians, like Pastor Darrell Blair and Kirk Franklin. Chris Rich is currently working on his own solo CD project, which is set for release in the fall of 2013.



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