Folktronica or electrofolk…a genre of music that combines folk music, typically stringed instruments, with the electronic technology of today, whether through sampling or utilizing various angles of production. That being said, I would happily like to introduce you to “Chords of Truth”.

In 1965 a young pioneer of folk music, some might also say smart ass, walked on stage in front of a folk-loving devoted audience and did the unthinkable…he audaciously plugged his guitar in. A non conformist from the beginning, Bob Dylan rebelled; he even rebelled against a world he himself created as soon as he felt it stale and confining…refusing to be slave to the status quo. He knew that complacency in the art world meant death and that music must not only bend the rules, it must disregard fear and at times not only break but redefine those rules all together. He recognized music as a living, breathing entity with the potential to grow in any and all directions once the artist lets go and embraces all methods of composition including that of emerging technologies.


Enter Jason Garriotte, the driving force behind ‘Chords of Truth”. Mr. Garriotte picks up and carries that torch of musical innovation. With a natural effort he creates sonic beauty that would satisfy the cravings of any audiophile. If that was not enough, Jason metaphorically reaches a hand out to each member of his audience asking them to join him on a journey. A philosophical journey inward, perfectly scored, leading each of us to ponder in self discovery questions of a most existential nature.

‘Reflections of Reality’, his debut EP, came to being in 2011 as a pure yet untouched acoustic album. Having a substantial effect on the hearts of many as well as gaining Jason critical acclaim. True to form, Jason decided to push the envelope. Fueled by a demand for more by this newly found fan base Jason tapped into the guidance and talent of 14 producers to create a supply satisfying that demand. An official double album as well as 8 additional remixed EPs. ‘Reflection of Reality’s original 7 songs now transformed into a staggering 57 remixes/interpretations.

“After the positive response to my acoustic EP, I felt there was a potential for these songs beyond my initial vision and wanted to see how far things could be taken. So I put the stems into the hands of electronic remix producers from all over the world to let them create their reflection of the originals and this powerful collection of musical expression is what appeared. It is truly amazing how a different perspective on even a song can change almost every aspect of the experience. Imagine the impact a different perspective can have on our life/habits/beliefs if we just keep an open mind and consider the possibilities.” – Jason Garriotte

“Chords of Truth” is poetic, thought provoking, hypnotic and addictive. More than that, “Chords of Truth” is unique. Jason has been compared to one of my favorite artists, Maynard James Keenan of “Tool”. I find this a warranted and fitting comparison. Both Jason and Maynard take full advantage of their intellect. Without question music breathes life into each spoken word, however, at this level of lyrical poetry both artists’ work toy with eternal contemplation.

The ‘Reflections of Reality Remix’ albums were released on March 12, 2013. Yes, they’re waiting for you right now. Go ahead and take that first step.



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