Donald Glover was never one to stay stationary. He has dabbled in comedy writing, acting, and arguably his most recent venture into rap music as the empowering alter-ego Childish Gambino has catapulted him into mainstream success. It was Gambino’s studio debut “Camp” that reached the Billboard charts in multiple countries.

Yet Gambino has recently been even more open about his aspirations in moving forward. As Troy Barnes in Community, he has shown favor as a comedy actor on Thursday nights, the show speculated to see a fourth season this coming Fall. Yet Glover/Gambino used a line about Community being cancelled and even slightly hoping for it, on a recent single track from an upcoming mixtape.

In a recent interview, when asked about where he sees himself in the next 5 years, Gambino responded modestly: “I hope just successful. Still doing stuff I want to do. I always wanted to just do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I never really expected rap to be anything, I don’t know if I’ll still be rapping, but it’d be nice to still be making music on some level.”

Childish Gambino has been wildly prolific these last few years, averaging about two releases every year since 2009. But we may see the door closing on this rap star where he opens up another in a different medium altogether. 

Gambino is expected to release a mixtape very shortly. Keep updated on his site for future news:


Image Source, Childish Gambino Promotional Cover 2010