As soon as I watched & heard Chantal Kreviazuk’s new lyric video “I Will Be”, I was struck by a magnitude of emotions.

Chantal’s voice is raw and beautifully captures the message behind the song she skillfully wrote. I Will Be touches upon topics such as loneliness, depression and suicide and is in partnership with the Kids Help Phone (kidshelpphone.ca), Canada’s only free, anonymous 24-hour telephone and online counseling service for young people. Kids Help Phone assists with a wide range of issues that include everything from struggles with relationships, to moving to a new school, to cyber bullying, abuse, and mental health concerns.

unnamed-12Unbeknownst to many, the Canadian-born singer has also written countless number one hits over her career for artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Drake, Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne and Pit Bull amongst many others. Despite her new track first receiving offers from a major artist, it is no surprise that Chantal decided in the end to record I Will Be herself.

In her own words, Chantal explains, “It is my fave song I have ever written since ‘Surrounded’ some twenty years ago. Every word just comes from a guttural place, every note is from my most true instinct as an artist. I believe my feelings in it 100% and want to sing it all the time. I Will Be reflects a hurt, a catharsis in me, I think in everyone!  We just cannot fix the world or everybody on our own. But we’d like to. Empathy is a tough thing. Can’t help anyone else if we don’t help ourselves. Yet, I have so much love inside sometimes that it aches. And I would love to pour it directly on the pain source in others…. And I would like to believe that in my time of need it is being poured into mine from within my world/community and from the universe too.  The song is about unconditional, unprecedented epic love.”

The song is a clear reminder of Chantal’s ability to both write and record huge hi ts. And to make the track stand out even more (if possible), Chantal enlisted the help of famed producer/director Thomas Cobb to create a sensational lyric video that brings to life the words written and heard…

With I Will Be already set to take over the music charts globally, Chantal is clearly on a mission to change the world for the better with her voice, words & love, and we at The Levity Ball are excited to see what this songstress has in store next!

For more information on Chantal, log onto: http://chantalkreviazuk.com