The world is changing for the better thanks to the brilliant mind of Montreal, Canada-born Dan Malka and his upcoming social media platform that has parents, Hollywood and the world buzzing,!

The website is set to launch soon worldwide and is a online social network for kids/students that promotes them to do good deeds for others, and in return they will gain points which turn into online currency dollars to buy themselves rewards (gifts and special items) from companies. It’s all about promoting good causes, creating more “good” in the world within our youth, and helping to put a stop to bullying and other horrible trends in our society as kids head back to school. Furthermore, the social network is a safe place for kids/teens to interact with each other unlike other sites where there is no sensor, so parents can feel comfortable with their kids using it.

The Levity Ball is all about promoting good causes, and so we sat down with Dan to find out more on what is to come in the weeks ahead with his new baby, Power2Gether…


How did you become interested in starting up a social media site?

The interest was not really in starting a Social platform, but more in getting the youth to engage in promoting leadership and creating positive interactions both online & offline which would build a foundation for new generations to follow the trend of living within a positive & unified society. The reason we chose to launch our concept within the Social space… was simply because we live in a digital era where kids today pretty much live, eat & breathe social media, so what better way than to launch our concept within a Social platform that will allow us the ability to reach millions at once in order to create a larger impact and helping us build an empowering community wanting to make a difference in this world through our innovative & interactive model.

We chose to proceed with a unique direction that speaks their language, but with a fun twist, because if we expect today’s generation to follow us… then we must do everything to stay within the “Cool Factor” and that’s what Power2gether is… “Cool” with a purpose to making a difference and a positive social change.

Power2gether is really about promoting… Leadership, social change, digital responsibility and a unified society

How did you come up with the “Power2Gether” name?

We all have the power in making a small difference in this world and of course a larger and more positive impact is created when everyone comes together, so I wanted a name that symbolizes that impact… The name was staring me in the face and that’s when I realized… that’s it, “Power2gether” the power of one is strong, but together… the possibilities are endless.

What has been the hardest thing to overcome while putting your platform together?

I can’t say that I haven’t gone through many changes in my life, obstacles along the way, financial struggles and many sacrifices to see this through, but all I can say… is that it was well worth it to see how this venture evolved from day 1 to today and how perseverance, a vision, ambition and passion gets you to where you want to be. This is what I teach my kids every day, so giving up was not an option for me… even though I can name quite a few that never believed in what this was going to become.

If Power2gether makes a slight difference in this world for my kids and all other kids… then I can say it was all worth the struggles and my job was done with a huge smile on my face.

What can people look forward to with the new site once it launches? Will there be a mobile version of it also?

They could look forward to something safe, unique, fun & cool that will bring out the best in all of us. “Once the official site launches, it will help create a more positive society in which we live & I’m really excited to see this through. As soon as everyone will see what this is… they will understand what I mean and will want to engage immediately.

It’s pretty much… Social media at its best with a purpose to instill positive values and leadership.

Yes, a mobile version will definitely be available.

Who has been a role model in your life growing up?

Without a doubt… “My Father” who’s been there for me in more ways than anyone can imagine. He never stopped believing in me, always supported whatever it is I chose to do, taught me to live life to its fullest with a permanent smile, to never regret, follow your heart and dreams, doing good things and most of all… how to be a great father with good family values which I live by today and passing them on to my kids.

Your website/platform will allow kids to gain rewards for doing good deeds… What kind of rewards (if you are allowed to say) can these kids expect?

I would love to share all the details and exciting news about Power2gether, but we’ll have to wait until we officially launch. I could assure you that kids will love it & will enjoy all the cool, fun & trendy rewards/products they would love to own. The only catch… is they have to earn it!

Power2gether will have so much more to offer with big plans ahead, but everyone will have to stay tuned and see what’s to come by visiting us in a few weeks at

Where do you see yourself and website in a few years from now after it’s launched?

I’m taking it one step at a time right now, but our #1 priority is to make sure we launch something secure, fun, cool, & educational that will help make a difference. We want to instill a new culture amongst today’s youth to understand the meaning of doing good things and promoting socially responsible behaviors through positive interactions.

We hope to see millions join us after we launch and all I can say… is that we have BIG plans for Power2gether and great stuff to announce for our future members.

Anti-bullying is big right now… What other areas will your site concentrate on to help?

Bullying & Cyber-bullying are definitely today’s hot topics and the main reason as to why I started building Power2gether a few years ago, but I chose a different approach in hopes of resolving the issue, because it needed to be unique & cool enough where today’s youth has the desire to engage in making a difference. If you make it fun & rewarding while educational, interactive and empowering at the same time… then they’ll come aboard your mission. Power2gether is all about speaking their language and providing them with what they love in order to have them engage and at that point… we’ll have their attention along with a community ready to take the lead in creating a better society for future generations to follow.

If we hope to see a positive change in the near future… then we need to re-enforce a new culture of love & respect amongst the youth by educating, guiding & prepping them to become socially responsible digital citizens.

Power2gether is all about training today’s youth to act with social consciousness and become positive, strong contributors in their online & offline communities. Our mission is to Cultivate & Empower a generation of socially responsible leaders that will be the driving force to a positive social change.

How has being from Montreal, Canada influenced the way you think?

It’s not as much being from Montreal that made me who I am or how I think… it’s more about where I come from, the family values I inherited from my grandfather & father and most of all… having my own kids. Kids change the way we think and my kids are my world, so I have to make sure everything I do… teaches & guides them in the right direction.

If you weren’t creating this website, what would you be doing?

Being a visionary & the ambitious entrepreneur that I am… I know I would definitely be working on some other start-up, because I get new ideas every day, but I can honestly say that… I can’t see myself doing anything other than this.

Power2gether started as an idea that became a passion… to now being a mission that I will make sure gets accomplished.

What are some charities you currently support that are close to your heart?

Most charities involving kids, abuse & education are very close to my heart and I hope our success can allow me the opportunity to help them all in ways that I can.

OnexOne is a charity very close to my heart because they’re all about the kids and working hard to prevent hunger and making sure that every child receives an opportunity for a good education. No kids should stress or worry about their next meal or how they will learn to read or write.

I like immediate action and although all charities are great and for a purpose of doing good… I personally prefer to give where I see a direct & immediate impact.  For example: If I know a specific child needs to eat, I want to be there to deliver that meal. If a school is needed, I want to be there to build it!