Brother & Co. is a Boston-based band led by identical twin brothers Josh and John Pritchard. As stated by the band themselves, the band’s sound combines contemporary American folk music, ambient music, art rock, and post-rock. Brother & Co.’s debut full-length album Unknow You is inspired by album-oriented, popular rock music of the 1970s and 80s. “Each of the record’s eleven tracks explores a different musical landscape while maintaining a narrative focus on the concepts of memory, identity, heartbreak, and perseverance,” say the brothers.

“Anti,” the opening track on the album, is mellow and soothing. The acoustic guitar and calming drum work create a sense of security for the listener. “Lila” is a song that may remind the listener of the once-popular Howie Day. This song is the perfect anthem for a late night drive or a rainy day. “Still Love” opens with melodic riffs and a soothing vibe. Josh Pritchard’s vocals are raspy, breathy, and low. The way that he manipulates his voice creates a relaxing essence for the track.

One of the shorter tracks on the album, “I Ain’t Understanding It,” somehow feels nostalgic and relatable to any kind of listener. Like the others, this is a slow track that may put you in or out of a slump depending on your mood. “Retinue” has more of an upbeat vibe thanks to the tempo of the drums. Once you press play on “Drawing Board,” you are reeled into Brother & Co.’s essence. This song builds up right from the start into a loud and busy track. All the different sounds will captivate the listener.

“Talk in the Morning” seems to focus on Josh Pritchard’s vocals more than anything else; he sounds as if he is singing right into the listener’s ear. “When I Lived Out West” reminds the listener of a long road trip across the desert. John Pritchard on guitar creates a vibe that makes you literally feel like you have lived out west. “Husband Hill” is a slow song that may sway you from left to right. Closing your eyes creates an even better listening experience once you play this track. “Seasons of the Dark” will wake you right up once it begins. It’s upbeat, danceable, and still holds the same vibe that is present throughout Unknow You. The final track on the album, “Unmentioned,” closes with a relaxing vibe that is set to cool you down after each and every song you have already experienced.


All in all, the Pritchard brothers are two talented men. Although they are identical twins, that doesn’t mean that they do everything exactly the same. Josh creates a raw atmosphere with his vocals while John creates a calming vibe with his guitar. The two together make a great pair. Unknow You has the perfect vibe for those days where you want to take a drive to the middle of nowhere or a stroll down your favorite trail. Take a listen to Unknow You and you may ironically get to know yourself.



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