Philadelphia: the land of cheesesteaks, brotherly love, and raw artistic talent has been busy producing some great music lately. A new addition to the talented Philadelphia musician list, Bobbie Marrone. The trio releases their most recent project, The Best I Can Be EP on January 10, 2014. Comprised of three tracks of sweet, sweet auditory satisfaction, The Best I Can Be EP brings a much-needed breath of fresh talent to the sound waves. The Bobbie Marrone Trio brings a fresh, genuine talent, true artistry and charisma to a stage full of so many puppets in the music industry.

Made up of three cultivated musicians, Bobbie Morrone (Vocals/Drums), Paul Machette (Bass), and Alex Machette (Drums), the trio deserves applause. With the use of Morrone’s entrancing vocals and smooth guitar riffs, the first listen to The Best I Can Be EP will pull on the heartstrings of the ears. Using poetry as lyrics makes, a difference on the impact music has on the soul. The Best I Can Be EP features artistic fanaticism with undeniably relatable, full of heart, lyrics surrounded by jazzy-bluesy-it’ll-be-okay-kind musicality.

If the first track, “Make You Scream”, were a national alarm clock, waking up would make society as easy going as a bed sheet flapping in the wind on a sunny, musically inspired day.  The EP transitions from lighter, airy vibes present in “Make You Scream,” to the more serious Shins-and-Bon-Iver-esque track, “Long Way Down.” Extremely catchy and a little more in your face, “Long Way Down” is almost like catching a glimpse into Marrone’s private man journal.

The EP completes a full circle with the self-titled track, “The Best I Can Be.” Sorta’ like one of those songs that plays during a movie where the main character has a moment of self-reflection and sudden realization. Hearty lyrics and brilliant delivery allow the EP to end with a cannon ball of musically saturated sound waves that infuse any eardrums listening nearby. Marrone’s vocals help to guide anyone listening to the magical world of new age blues music.

The Bobbie Marrone Trio has the capability of using blues, folk, and jazz inspired musical vibes to make bodies feel free and as comfortable floating in warm bath water. Musical talent can be hard to come by, especially undeniable and natural talent. So, go forth, and download The Best I Can Be EP-because it feels good supporting musicians who deserve and earn the right to be heard by the masses!

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