Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer located in both SOHO and the MEATPACKING DISTRICT of New York City is a relevantly small place, but its mouthwatering eye catching milkshakes are something you just can’t miss out on.

Creative gourmet burgers, modern sides and chilled draft beers are served to perfection.

The Burgers and the milkshakes at Black tap New York City are so special and delicious and have become so popular that people are actually willing to wait in line for hours to get a their hands on one. It is not a common scene to walk past a night club like velvet rope for lunch….yes with a bouncer/door man included.

From brunch to epic burgers to milkshakes everything at Black Tap is made to perfection!


Chef Joe Isidori comes from a long line of chefs and spent his childhood training in his father’s kitchen in Yonkers, New York.

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Isidori was hired by Donald Trump and would eventually become his executive chef, overseeing all of the dining concepts for Trump’s properties. Isidori returned to New York in 2011 and has opened three restaurants in the past four years. Born in a family of chefs where his father and grandmother being chefs which got him into the act, to getting a scholarship in the “Culinary institute of America” located in Hyde Park.

a9e909aa-a80a-4a64-a5c8-5dcabb971dddStarting a career with Michael Schwartz after completing his studies and graduating in 1999, after a successful term with him got recognized by Donald Trump due to his magical work where he was named Corporate Executive Chef of Donald Trump Golf Management and serving as Mr. Trumps Personal Chef.

After a successful era in Gold property concepts Joe Isidori was promoted to Vice President of food and beverages and was named as Executive Chef of the Mar-A- Lago Club overseeing three dining rooms. He also managed Trump family functions and Palm Beach society events.

As Mr. Trump’s portfolio expanded, so did Isidori’s responsibilities. In 2007, he oversaw Trump’s Hotel Collection dining concepts in Chicago and Las Vegas. He remained at DJT, the Las Vegas flagship restaurant as Executive Chef and concurrently managed H2 Café (pool side dining); banqueting; and in-suite dining for more than 1,200 rooms.

He has also been awarded with a Michelin Star in 2008 for his work at DJT.

We had the opportunity to ask Chef Isidori a few questions to learn more:

Tell me about your beginnings in the culinary arts?

“I was inspired by both my father and my grandmother to become a chef.  Once I was older, I went to culinary school up in Hype Park, NY which gave me a more formal training and allowed me to hone my skills.”

Black Tap Co-Owner & Chef Joe Isidori

I know you trained under your father, but what drew you to that life and career?

“Before I went to culinary school, I attended FIT with a major in graphic design and fine arts.  I realized that the medium I liked the best was food! That’s why my restaurants have such a unique creative touch.”

What would you say sets you apart?

“What’ sets me apart is my style of abilities.  I’m not just a restauranteur and I’m not just a chef in the kitchen; I’m a chef restauranteur, so the fact that everything is touched by me sets it apart from the usual luncheonette or burger joint.”

Your career on the surface looks like a steady rise to success with incredible and well-deserved opportunities along the way. What were some of your struggles?

“With all success comes failure.  I’ve been very fortunate to have many successes, but the most I’ve ever learned came from losses.  Whether it’s a dish that doesn’t sell well or a restaurant that gets a bad review, they taught me how to make myself better.”

What are some of your most prideful accomplishments?

“My Michelin Star. Keeping my DNA.  I’m a NYC kid and chef and everything I do exudes that.  It’s not easy but keeping to my roots is something I’m very proud of.”

If you ever visit New York City by chance don’t forget to miss out on visiting and enjoying the fine milkshakes and blessed burgers that Joe Isidori has put in the menu.

Hurry Up don’t waste time because the line gets Longer and longer the more you think.fa533f18-b87e-4da0-9f80-0bd53814567f

Editor’s Note: Much is reported with regard to the quality of Black Tap’s food and relaxed comforting atmosphere. I would like to highlight the award-worthy service of the establishment. The staff, starting with the Door Man were some of the friendliest, hardest working, most accommodating and polite people I have had the joy to watch work. Do yourself a favor, get to Black Tap! The Milkshakes might get you there, but everything about the place will keep you going back.