As long as we stay in this century, there will always be an appeal for 80’s and 90’s pop cover acts. Of course, the idea that a band is known solely for covering one-hit-wonders from decades past can be troubling for some. ‘Black and Gold’ revels in the joy, not only because they adore classic pop with a wholesome sincerity, they add a distinctive individually to each and every song, whether from Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, or Stevie Wonder.

Now, it is unfair to say the band is totally void of contemporary appeal. They cover Kings of Leon to sensational effect, as well as pop Queen Lady Gaga, Cee-Lo Green, and Beyoncé. This diversity under the pop landscape is not something to ignore, displaying their talent with each choice song and their ability to drift in and out of styles with professional expertise.

‘Black and Gold’ is fronted by a female songstress, and what makes the band especially endearing is her ability to mold her vocal approach to multiple genres and legendary singers. She manages to seamlessly do classic pop icons Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury, while also tackling the modern pop formula with Katy Perry and the R&B infused Rhianna.

The highlight of their set list is likely ‘Beat It,’ but their rendition of The Beatles ‘Hey Jude’ is gorgeous and huge, and their underground cover of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Valerie’ is sure to attract some attention with her death and legacy.

Their live repertoire showcases an eclectic chameleon-like ability to create vivid and addictive (and honest!) covers, while managing to add their own sensational approach. The female vocals add a necessary flair to male-fronted songs, but the band manages to captivate with originality musically too, adding a sometimes bouncier jump to a few select pop hits.

With their level of professionalism, polish, and authority, it may be soon in the future where we find ‘Black and Gold’ tackle vivacious original material. In the meantime, obtain a new perspective on your favorite pop songs through history, and find something to relate to while dancing along.

The group is available for booking, and offers an impeccable authenticity through every instrument and the voice, of music from the past and today.

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