For those of you living under a rock, BASICS (http://www.basicswallet.com) is one of the hottest new trendy wallets to hit the market all thanks to an incredible online crowd-funding campaign that had the Internet going wild!

Now, BASICS co-creators, cousins Jacob Durham and Jon Richards have not only mastered how to start and run an online business, but they have countless celebrity fans buying/using their wallets, and have plans to launch new products in the months to come.

The Levity Ball sat down with Jacob and Jon to find out more and why owning a quality wallet is very important…

How did you come up with the BASICS company and products?

“In spring of 2014, we decided we wanted to launch a product on Kickstarter just for fun. We researched every wallet currently funded on Kickstarter and after months of prototyping, testing, and sharing ideas with friends and family, we perfected the BASICS wallet. I believe we really hit the nail on the head with our first product and that’s what helped launch our business and made it so successful. By the end of 2014 the BASICS wallet became increasing popular to the point where Jon had to quit his job. As soon as Jon quit his job sales begin to pick up even more, and six months later Jacob quit his day job as well. In the development process of the basics wallet we realized there were no notebooks currently on the market that met all of our needs, so we decided our next product would be a notebook that would help people achieve goals, simplify their lives, and be more productive. As it turns out the notebook ended up raising double what the basics wallet had on Kickstarter propelling our business to the next level.”

You are both cousins, so is it harder or easier working with family?

“We really lucked out. Even if I had interviewed 1000 candidates to be my business partner I don’t think I could have found someone who both worked as well with me as Jacob does, and had such a different skill set. We balance each other very well.”

What sets your BASICS Wallet apart from other wallets on the market?

“Our unique pulltab technology allows for easy access to your four most used cards. It fits everything you need while remaining slim and affordable. Everyone who uses the BASICS wallet loves it. The most common thing we hear is that our wallet is fun to play with and a great conversation starter.”


BASICS is a Kickstarter-born company… Did you ever imagine when you started your company that a site such as Kickstarter would bring the amount of attention/sales you have received to you?

“We originally launched the BASICS wallet on Kickstarter for fun, not anticipating that it would turn into a successful company. But now launching products on Kickstarter has become part of our business model. it is what drives the excitement and allows us to launch products based on consumer feedback to really make sure we are creating what the world wants, and that is why people love our products.”

What advice do you have for others using Kickstarter / other crowd funding websites to launch their brands?

“Check out our blog to see tips and tricks for Kickstarter creators:


Where do you see the BASICS brand in five years from now?

“I imagine BASICS will be a brand name that many are familiar with worldwide. We will have a huge product variety of 20+ innovative products that you can’t find anywhere else. Our brand will be centered around every day carry items, or stuff that you carry with you every day. People will want to carry these products every day because they help to simplify their lives.”

Where can people buy your wallets and other products currently? 

“You can buy our wallets on our website: www.basicswallet.com

You can preorder the notebook on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1131502390/the-basics-notebook-simplify-and-improve-your-life

If you both weren’t being so “BASIC”, what would you be doing each?

“Jacob would be taking pictures, enjoying his road bike on a beautiful Utah canyon road, and spending time with family. Jon would be exploring new places, trying new food, and playing games with his family.”

What is one thing in the world you each would change if you could?

“One of the purposes of launching our current product on Kickstarter, the BASICS notebook, was to help people simplify and improve their lives. If we could change one thing about the world it would be to help others become more productive and feel gratitude for what they have been given.”

Why is owning a good quality wallet important?

“You want a wallet that will help you simplify your life not make it more cluttered. The BASICS wallet will help you get rid of those receipts you don’t need, those random cards you always carry and never use, so that you always have easy and quick access to what you really need when you really need it.”