Moody, melancholy, and mesmerizing, the indie rock group ‘Band of Horses’ are more for the intellectual hipster as opposed to the rough-necked hassling cowboy. The group haven’t been away long, but are well on their way to releasing their fourth seismic album ‘Mirage Rock.” The album continues the group’s crafting of infectious and bombastic indie rock, this way of Arcade Fire or My Morning Jacket.

Fortunately for fans, the entire album can be found on their official website, posted below for your streaming pleasure.

We last saw Band of Horses in 2012, with ‘Infinite Arms.’ It spawned a few modest singles, including the chart-hitting ‘Laredo.’ This album followed 2007’s absolutely phenomenal ‘Cease to Begin.’

From the sound of it, Mirage Rock seems to be a bit more par for the course. The group is like an Applebee’s. Soft and sometimes sullen, but always relatively tasty. Band of Horses don’t break the envelope, and the surely help promote the total package image of the modern hipster. We have the excessively large beards, soft vocals, and whimsical riding melodies, all well intact and represented. Yet the group manages to find a fresh path for indie music. Unlike other artists of their caliber who rise famously fast due to a single breakout single, Band of Horses try the slow burn, a series of slowly bettered albums and increased awareness, and a career of rich quality music to justify their longevity.

View the entire track listing of Mirage Rock below, and be sure to check out ‘Band of Horses’ on their upcoming tour. Lead single “Dumpster World” has a little something to say about what I can only presume is global warming and not recycled water bottles. It’s also heartwarming and pretty.

  1. Knock Knock
  2. How to Live
  3. Slow Cruel Hands of Time
  4. A Little Biblical
  5. Shut-In Tourist
  6. Dumpster World
  7. Electric Music
  8. Everything’s Gonna Be Undone
  9. Feud
  10. Long Vowels
  11. Heartbreak 101