Awolnation hasn’t been around all that long. Debuting in 2010 with the highly praised e.p, Back to Earth, the American group went on to considerable success with 2011’s Megalithic Symphony. though it sounds like a pretentious 90 minute orchestral epic, it’s actually a varied and sound experience of electronic/trance intrigue. 

The group is currently planning an appearance at 2012’s Coachella Festival, alongside up and coming groupo Band of Skulls, a reunited At the Drive In, and electronic mastermind, David Guetta. 

Awolnation has no plans to record a new album any time soon. No surprise, considering they are still riding the surprising success of their debut studio release.

Indie label Red Bull Records put out the release. Yes, the name is no coincidence- the label is funded and devised by Red Bull, the home to the famous Red Bull energy drink. Who would have thought Red Bull would deviate into electronic music, but the music industry is an odd place. Other artists on the roster are the moddy rock group Black Gold, who released their debut Rush in 2009, and electronic rock act Innerpartysystem who recently announced their indefiniate hiatus.

Megalithic Symphony debuted at 99 on the overall Billboard charts, a considerable success. Yet given the recent trend of electronic acts breaking into the mainstream, I’d expect further success from the group in the coming years.


See the entire Coachella lineup below, which takes place two seperate weekends, and be sure to view all news on Awolnation at their home site, posted below:




Image Source: Atlas James, 2011. Awolnation, South by Southwest