Everyone knows social media is important in today’s world. If you have something important to say, where else will hundreds, if not thousands, of people hear your voice? Social media is where you are heard. And yet, there are problems with the most popular social media platform. If a good alternative presented itself, you would probably seize it.

There was a time, a few years ago, before your mom was your “friend.”  Remember that? This was probably the same magical era before your boss belonged to the same social network. We’re not talking about Linked In- we expect our bosses to be on Linked In. We’re talking about a different social media platform.

Social media stopped being fun for many of us when it grew. Its growth led to another problem: lack of moderation combined with devious intentions. When we accepted friend requests or “liked” certain groups, those groups and individuals suddenly had access to our personal information. More times than not, we blindly trusted that those people were who they said they were. Every now and then, the disturbing truth comes to light that a parenting group is actually a group of adults who are not parents.

Another problem: everyone is tired of being advertised to in their newsfeed. We don’t want to participate in social media that sells our information to outside parties so that they can advertise to us on the social media website. Neither do we desire to pay for membership to a site just for the sake of belonging.


There is a choice that seems to right all of the wrongs of the most popular social network. However, one must receive an invitation to join. It is a very exclusive, private social media network and it is A Small World (ASW)

One is permitted to join the ASW network through invitation only, offered by a small number of members that are qualified to bequeath invitations. Those who join the exclusive ASW are described, by those who work for the network, as people who typically travel, have a large personal network, are stylish and highly social. Members must abide by a code of behavior which does not allow racism or slander, explicit promotion or commercialism. The cost of membership is 80 Euros, or $105.

A Small World temporarily went offline in order to revamp its brand and become more exclusive. The network previously utilized an advertising model but now charges fees for membership, adding to its exclusivity.  A portion of its previous membership (250,000) will not be able to return, citing that increasing membership threatened its brand. ASW will be back up and running tomorrow , but is not currently accepting new members.


I have to admit, I am drawn to secret organizations, a VIP lifestyle and as often as possible knowing just a little (or a lot) more than the next guy. Several years ago I came across ASW and fought through hell and high water to obtain an invitation, which I did. I loved ASW and used it often. I would watch with great excitement when a new member would gain entrance…for this would signify another that has made it through the illustrious gauntlet and therefore granted access to a very privileged close-knit community. I remember ASW events, where most that attended either knew each other or were no more than 2 degrees away which made introductions simple and comfortable. I remember the forums, where people would ask openly for assistance contacting certain celebrities for various legitimate reasons. I would find pride and joy in assisting members with there cause and allow access to my “actually quite impressive” Rolodex of the “stars”. Do you know why?…Because I trusted them. The members back then were vetted and in it for the right reasons and I have to say those members never let me down.

Over time, ASmallWorld, as stated, grew into A Pretty Big World and to be honest, I stopped using it. It was akin to a slightly more private Facebook with the illusion of exclusivity. The ASW Sponsored or ASW Member events that were once so coveted, were now lost within a cornucopia of promoter-driven bottle service pushing parties, that have fooled and burned many a New Yorker time and time again.

So now it seems ASW plans on completely uprooting what it has become for the sake of reestablishing what it originally dreamed to be. This takes a great deal of work, many significant sacrifices, some tough decisions and plethora of courage. All I can say is BRAVO! I very much like our (Captain) Sabine Heller and this new crew at the helm of a once precedent setting social network and I commend them for doing whatever it takes to finally right this beautiful ship. With some luck, I will once again be logging in tomorrow.