Every artist has that dream of “making” it in New York. And while New York is a great place for people to pursue their dreams, it’s also a place where your dreams can get crushed. With all of the rising talent that oozes from the city, you have to stand out and bring something new to the table. So when Dan Pellarin and Ben Cramer came together to start their band Arc & Stones back in 2012, they knew that they needed to move to New York for exposure and connections.

Soon after the move, they started recording for their five song EP. In the midst of recording, they picked up a bassist whom they had gone to college with, and they scooped up a drummer whom they had found online. The EP made a remarkable impact on the audience, and people have been craving more from Arc & Stones ever since the release.

Arc & Stones has a southern blues tone that shoots off the indie and rock vibe. Their EP shows a lot of consistency in the fact that they keep the same kind of sound. Since the release of their EP, they have been blowing up and touring around the country. They are currently on tour with Kansas and making a name for themselves.

And it’s to no surprise that they’re touring with such an iconic band. Their EP is incredible. The five songs are beautifully conducted and recorded. ‘Silence’, their first song has a Foo Fighters vibe that is undeniably good. The singer has a slightly raspy voice which shoots out major southern blues tones. The drummer keeps a solid beat, and the bassist and guitarist compliment each other very well. The next four songs are pretty similar, but they do kick up. A lot of the sounds are new to me which is very refreshing and I love the style of music that they’re promoting.

Overall, I’d say that these guys are on the road to success. I’d personally say that they “made it”, and not only did they make it, but they’re killing it! Their music reaches all audiences of any age. Whether you’re 14 or 40, Arc & Stones can satisfy your new age rock hunger.



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