Andrew Wk- self-anointed party rocker. My Little Pony- little girl television show turned middle-aged man phenomenon.

What the two have in common- individuality.

Andrew WK has been making rock and roll music since the early new millennium, channeling boozing and partying through metal riffs and sometimes somber interludes on humanity. It’s a bizarre blend, but one that has worked well for him.

My Little Pony is a television show that has spawned a movement. They call themselves “bronies,” men who enjoy ‘My Little Pony’ and apparently, go to conventions to support the show.

The idea that grown men would legitimately enjoy a show enough to go to a convention, wear shirts, and buy the DVD’s is grossly puzzling for many. But what is at the core of this isn’t so much perversion but individuality, innocence, yearning for adolescence and younger.

Andrew WK understands this. At his hour long panel he said, among many things:

“I had high expectations; I’ve been to conventions before and I’ve spent time with very passionate groups of people, but this is certainly unique, in a fantastic way. Mainly the atmosphere – there’s a feeling in the air that goes beyond the actual events. It’s like seeing a new color or a new flavor. It’s a new tone of joy.”

            His panel was very self-aware and intelligent, which came as a surprise to those expecting the man to crack jokes about ponies and partying (he did some of that too, of course).

Yet, Andrew WK continued: “This is a forward-thinking, advanced movement that is ahead of the curve.”

            The concept here is one of individuality. Andrew WK expresses his respect for those who are willing to be a child when it comes to entertainment. No one at the convention, reportedly, had 13 year old girls on a leash. The energy was high, but no perverse. People were legitimately excited to show their adoration for ‘My Little Pony,’ and by extension, younghood. The illusion is one of visiting the time of being a child. If anything brings someone back to that time, even for a moment, it could potentially be healthy.  “The amount of joy being conjured up in this room . . . it will spread through the whole universe,” he said. “You should feel proud of that; that’s a real achievement.” said Andrew WK.

The panel found WK sincere and honest, and remarking on childhood. “A lot of adults confuse growing up with a sense of seriousness, boringness.”

            The ‘My Little Pony’ phenomenon is about many things, none of them REALLY about the show itself (though every brony has their own favorite pony).  It is about uniqueness and expressing oneself within a tight group who find the same interests and the same yearning for expression. There could be far worse things. As far as I’m concerned, considering the alternative hobbies and passions and solitude, magical ponies is striking emotional gold.