Amy Lyndon is a triple-threat. But aside from being a filmmaker, director, and actress, she is building a team of equally effective triple-threats to tackle Hollywood and become a formidable presence in the entertainment industry. Lyndon has established The Lyndon Technique.

Lyndon managed acts for many years while also juggling all her other roles in film and television. Her real satisfaction did not come from landing a client an audition, but earning them a role. “As a manager, so much is out of your hands,” she said. “There’s more joy in helping people succeed on a more personal level. To teach an actor a technique that’s 99 percent proof positive is a lot more rewarding.”

Lyndon applies her knowledge across 15 core guidelines for booking gigs in acting. Every principle is created in an effort to land an actor a role and maximize their effectiveness in an industry designed to take people in and spit them back out. Many of her clients have sustained long careers in the industry, and have openly embraced the principles set in place by Lyndon. “People don’t realize how much they need to learn. This [Hollywood] is the Olympics for actors, and every single Olympic hopeful has a coach.” she said.

I got a chance to pick her brain about the Hollywood wheel, where she came from, and what she wants to see develop in the future for young people entering acting.

LB: Did you initially enter acting to be an actor, or did you always have aspirations to teach actors more than act yourself?     

AL: I’ve been acting since I was 10 years old. Managing actors, writing, directing films and teaching actors how to book acting jobs and put together their business packages was a natural progression.             

LB: Hollywood is such a notorious industry. But despite it all, do you think it is fundamentally fair?

AL: Hollywood is not fundamentally fair. It truly is who you know and what you look like that dictates a FAST moving career. Coming out here and starting your career as a child doesn’t hurt either. But, I always say that there are exceptions to all rules. Hard work, tenacity and a strong desire to be brilliant will bring you to the top as well. The only way that you don’t make it is if you quit.

LB: You really stress marketing in your teachings and lessons. Do people undervalue marketing in Hollywood? Or does raw talent generally rise to the top making good marketing just ‘a slight advantage?’

AL: If you don’t look like your photos and they don’t match your resume and demo then you fall under what is called “development.” Not a lot of people want to represent developmental talent – unless of course you’re under 18 and a model. We’ve lost a lot of great actors who got frustrated, packed up their bags and left town because they weren’t seen for anything. I blame it on their marketing package. If you’re an A+ talent with a C+ package, then you will most certainly get a C+ team of representatives. It’s never just about “raw talent.” I will say that if I came up with the quotient to success, I would be on my yacht in the Bahamas. I also think that a lot of actors don’t get the value of understanding how the business works. If they just watched television, it would give them more of an edge because then they could truly comprehend tone and style and who exactly the network executives are hiring. If  you look like the show, understand the tone and style of the show, act like the show – then chances are you will be cast for that show.

LB: What are some basic strategies young actors can do before going into read for a role?

AL: This is what I teach in my class and private coaching: “The Actor must approach acting like an Olympic Athlete, the more you practice the necessary skills – the more you will book. When a high level of discipline and concentration on the work is achieved, you will see incredible results.”  

LB: What do you recommend aspiring actors to do first in getting acquainted and connecting with the Lyndon Technique? What is the best approach?

AL: The best approach to getting to know The Lyndon Technique is to sign up for my Booking and Business site for actors – and purchase my book “The 15 Guideline Map To Booking Technique.” On my other website,, you can also sample some audio lectures as well. You don’t need to live in LA to learn my technique and philosophies about Booking and Business. As a matter of fact, I just skyped with a girl in the UK who ended up booking and shooting a feature film in South Africa for three months. Technology rocks!

LB: You have been in over 40 films, 30 television shows, nearly a decade in management, wrote various books, and built what is essential a self-help empire. Do you have a single takeaway from all these accomplishments that could ignite the spirit in young hopefuls?

AL: Yes. If I were to do it all over again, I honestly would not have wasted any time on anyone or anything that didn’t support my dream. You can do it. You can make it happen. If you want it bad enough, you will get out of your way and figure it out. I was lucky enough to have an amazing manager – the late Rachel Kae – who told me over and over again, “Amy, it’s the journey, not the destination.”

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