There is a new ‘lifeguard’ that has come to America from Finland that has been taking over our television screens, and to be honest, we love it!

Actress & model Pia Lamberg, who formerly was known as Miss Finland, stars in the new Baywatch re-boot series titled, SAF3, as the lead character of Heather, and The Levity Ball got a chance to speak with her at her home in Hollywood…

f81a0127How did you first get started in the acting and modeling world?

I did some modeling as my hobby in the small city I was living in Finland first. I could never dream of doing it as my job. Then the casting for Miss Finland was on and my friends were pushing me to send my application. I did and to my surprise I was called for the next round and then to the top 10… And I ended up winning the competition. After Miss Finland I started modeling full time.

Acting I got into very naturally when I moved to LA. Lot of people were asking if I did acting and I decided give it a try. Loved it right away and now pursuing my career as model and actress. It’s a fine line between those anyway; you are in front of the camera and express yourself with your body. In acting you just add the words to it.

Who were some of your role models growing up and one’s today?

My mother has always been my role model. She is the kindest and most hardworking person I know. To mention two other beautiful women I would say Charlize Theron and Milla Jovovich. I admire how they have combined their modeling and acting careers.

How was your overall experience as Miss Finland back in 2011?

Honestly, it was a little shocking. Coming from a small town it was overwhelming and I was exhausted after winning the crown because of all the media and hype around me. I’m a quick learner so I got the hang of it fast. I always want to learn new things and took it as a challenge. I’m grateful how much that experience thought me.

Did you say you wanted world peace as your answer on stage?

That’s so funny! No I didn’t. I feel that is still the bigger goal but as Miss Finland I wanted to make a difference for individuals and start from the ground level. My world peace is making people happy one by one. Even now charity work is important to me and I’ve continued working with different charities in LA.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Be positive. I believe if you think positively it gives you energy to go through tough times. Also other people enjoy being around positive and happy people. I’m happy and grateful for small things. Like this morning, I loved the smell of the fresh morning air when I was walking my dog.

SONY DSCWhat is your advice to others looking at getting into the acting and modeling world?

I’d say everyone should make sure they are in it for the right reasons and are ready to go through the ups and downs. Modeling and acting are interesting industries and there’s not one right way to do it. Sometimes it’s good to think outside the box and do things that no one has done before. That’s the beauty of creativity. One needs determination to reach goals and keep on going. And always have common sense! Always be smart about your decisions!


How has it been since moving to Hollywood from Finland to pursue your dreams?

I fell in love with LA right on my fist trip. I think just the weather alone would keep me here. Finland is beautiful but sunshine year around is hard to beat. I do miss my family and friends who are back in Finland but what I’ve got to experience is priceless. Skype also helps a lot! I love that I can say I have home both in Finland and in LA.

Tell us about your latest television show you star on, SAF3, which is by the creators of Baywatch…

SAF3 is action series about this special group of rescue people that are firefighters, helicopter rescue and of course lifeguards. We work on different rescues and emergencies as a team. My character Heather is one of the lifeguards. Other than the thrilling rescues, our personal life also gives interesting twists to the series. We shot the series in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa which was an amazing experience… I actually loved it there so much that recently went back there for few weeks just to vacation!

Did you call up Pamela Anderson or other former Baywatch girls for some tips?

I did watch some episodes of Baywatch to refresh my memory. We shot a little teaser video where I did the legendary running at the beach in the well know red one piece. The director loved it with the slow motion and all.

And final question: Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now?

Three years I hope I’ll be happy and doing what I love, modeling and acting. Working on interesting projects where I can continue to learn new and grow as a person