Amelia Scalies is giving hope for future generations. Most American teenagers spent 2013 playing video games, instagramming their meals, and texting their “soul mates.” Not Amelia Scalies-she was a busy, busy teenager this past year. Releasing a debut album, touring, and going to high school are just a few of the things that 2013 has comprised of for this talented young woman.

July 18, 2013 marked the debut of Amelia Scalies album, I Should’ve Known, which marks the beginning of an outstanding musical career for Scalies. I Should’ve Known features eleven original tracks-accompanied by one cover of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade,” which Scalies makes her own. Scalies has been compared to Kelly Clarkson, Hayley Williams/Paramore, Sheryl Crow, and Flyleaf-but she certainly stands out among the best of them. Just think, she is only 14 and already more talented than a good percentage of musicians on the radio today. The future can only mean one thing:  Amelia Scalies is going to grow into an even more talented and even more successful artist.

One of the most inspiring attributes about Amelia Scalies is that she isn’t afraid to be different. She writes what she feels inside her heart, as heard in the track “Don’t Let Them Win,” which takes a direct aim at bullying. Having experienced being bullies herself, Scalies is a living, breathing, walking representation of the old adage, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” She has come out on top, showing that with the use of determination, hard work, and faith anything is possible. Scalies looks at her past as learning experiences, a lesson many adults will never learn.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Amelia Scalies is making her way up the musical ladder of stardom. Her resume is impressive; she has opened shows for musicians Donovan Frankenreiter, Joe Robinson, Boy Wonder, WaveRadio, Dan Orlando, and Beth Goldwater, won two Battle of the Bands, preformed at the South Street Music Festival, on the Top 40/AC artist countdown (beating Demi Lovato), and is being streamed worldwide.

Scalies is currently playing shows on the northeastern coast from January 2014 thru the end of February. With lyrics more mature than what’s running thru the brains of most seniors in college, great things are expected from this young artist. Yes, she’s only 14-but she is so much more mature and talented than the average teenager. The very word average and Amelia Scalies should never even be found in the same sentence. I Should’ve Known is a great addition to the world of true musical talent. If indie-alternative-folk-country-music interest you, do yourself a favor and buy her album-you’ll feel a sigh of relief knowing that, thanks to Amelia Scalies, the younger generation might have a chance after all.


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