Aerosmith likely have the greatest break between albums from a band who never officially announced a hiatus. The last Aerosmith LP appeared in 2004 in the form of Honkin on Bobo. The fact that the album was entirely made up of covers and was a severe deviation of their normal sound, the wait has undoubtedly seemed longer for fans.

Aerosmith’s latest album, Music from Another Dimension, is slated for a November 6 release. Lead single ‘Legendary Child’ has already been released to overall acclaim.

Music from Another Dimension is confirmed to contain 15 tracks, as well as writing credits from every member of the band.

The album has been notoriously delayed for years. A combination of things derailed release, including front man Steven Tyler’s various injuries that directly caused the band to cancel some key tours throughout 2009-2010. Tyler’s entrance to rehab as well as his stint on ‘American Idol’ certainly delayed production. This isn’t even touching on the conflict between guitarist Joe Perry and Tyler that became oddly public in 2011 and caused a stir of controversy.

The album is to feature country star and former ‘American Idol’ contestant Carrie Underwood, and keeping up with Aerosmith tradition, the album features a cover (this time ‘The Temptations’ hit Shakey Ground). The album is also expected to follow the other less welcoming tradition of a deluxe release. More money, more goodies.

Aerosmith may be way past their prime, but they are in an elite class of bands 4 decades deep into their career that can still craft and release solid material. ‘Rush’ and ‘The Beach Boys’ say hello.

‘Music from Another Dimension is the 15th studio album from Aerosmith. Expect a large world tour to be announced for 2013.

1.         LUV XXX

2.         Oh Yeah

3.         Beautiful

4.         Tell Me

5.         Out Go the Lights

6.         Legendary Child

7.         What Could Have Been Love

8.         Street Jesus

9.         Can’t Stop Loving You (featuring Carrie Underwood)

10.       Lover a Lot

11.       We All Fall Down

12.       Shakey Ground (The Temptations cover)

13.       Closer

14.       Something

15.       Another Last Goodbye