Ladies and gents, get your taste-buds ready and party hats on, there is a new premium alcoholic cocktail out of Texas that is being desired by all… TEKEEN (!

While you may be a fan of Skinny Girl and other mixed cocktail beverages, TEKEEN is unlike any alcoholic drink you will ever taste that is made with orange wine, agave nectar, and all natural flavors. It can be enjoyed chilled, on the rocks, or mixed into a more complex cocktail; there is even rumors that bars are serving something called a “TEKEEN BOMB”, named after the cocktail that will blow your mind into a new dimension. Currently, the bottled flavor selection includes Cucumber Lime, Grapefruit, and Passion Fruit Lime.

The Levity Ball got in touch with TEKEEN’s creator, Christian Alvarez, to find out more about his in-demand beverage, and why countless celebs and people across the nation can’t stop ordering more and more of it…

How and why did you first decide to create TEKEEN?

1966701_740823942664471_4244201276598369225_nDuring my childhood, my father would always challenge me to think outside the box and analyze whether a simple idea could be turned into a good business opportunity or if it even made sense.  I still remember developing my trivial business plan to put up a lemonade stand and convince my neighbors into paying top dollar for their “premium” lemonade. I like to believe that as ten year old I drove a hard bargain.  It was these type of experiences that led me to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

It was during my second year in law school that I started to realize that the craft beverage industry was beginning to flourish and that consumers were becoming more willing to try things that were different.  I went back to my childhood experiences and identified that there was a huge void for a product like TEKEEN.  I needed to create a drink that would embody this craft movement and possess the quality of being versatile.  Long story short, I went from selling lemonade to selling Texas’ most versatile premium cocktail.

Who were some of your role models growing up and one’s today?

My father and mother have always been and continue to be the core of my inspiration.  My father has shown me how to make tough decisions and always be prepared for the unexpected.  My mother has taught me that in order to be the best leader one must have compassion and be able to understand another persons perspective.  Their examples have always complemented one another and following their lead has always brought me happiness and success.

Was it difficult to put on the market a new premium cocktail beverage?

Extremely!  The easiest part of launching our brand was ironically creating our recipes and packaging.  The most difficult part was obtaining distribution and placing our product into retail stores.  Luckily, Texas law allowed us to self-distribute our own brand and prove our product before handing over our distribution to one the biggest national distribution companies.  This meant that our small three man team and myself would hit the streets calling on retail stores to buy our product and subsequently hand delivering cases to each customer throughout Texas.

What makes your bottled cocktail different than others out there?

In addition to having clean, crisp, and unique flavor profiles, our cocktail line is packaged in a one-of-kind bottle that is truly a work of art.  Many of our TEKEEN followers have become hoarders with their empty TEKEEN bottles.  They just can’t throw them away.

Passion Fruit Lime, Cucumber Lime and Grapefruit… Which is your personal favorite?

Cucumber Lime is my favorite!  Although I have never been the greatest fan of cucumbers, this flavor truly has a pleasant and subtle cucumber aroma with the freshness of spa water.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Never be afraid to ask questions! There is no such thing as a dumb question. Just remember that at some point the person answering the question did not know the answer either.

What is your advice to others looking at getting into the beverage industry?

First, you need to ask yourself if you have the time and passion to make your idea your top priority. This industry is extremely competitive and no one is going to push your product if you don’t.  Second, study your competitors and price points!  Chances are you can learn a lot from what they do or don’t do.

Even though you are currently just sold in Texas, we hear and see lots of Hollywood celebs have been endorsing your drink… How has that felt to see? And will you be expanding to California in the future?

It feels incredible to have others including celebrities embrace your creation!  To see others hold something you have created in their hands or wear the logo is truly rewarding and flattering.  Sometimes, I still ask myself if I am dreaming.  California is definitely in our short-term plans!

Any other markets you can see TEKEEN branching off to in the near future?

Definitely Florida, New York, and California

And final question: What does TEKEEN – the name – mean?!

TEKEEN is the Aztec treasure that was never found!