COVID-19 is on the top of everyone’s mind these days, and whether you work for someone or are the owner of a business, there is a 100% chance that the pandemic has played a part in your life.

With companies now re-opening, there is a new e-learning program called “C19-Certified” that was formed as a direct response to help organizations respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Their core product is a program designed to train employees on the guidelines and best practices to mitigate coronavirus related risk in the workplace.

Developed with a team of leading medical and legal advisors, C19 Certified provides assurance that your workforce is trained and tested in the latest COVID-19 risks and protocols. The Levity Ball spoke to one of the co-founders of C19, Adam Harris Engelhard, to find out more about the program and how us New Yorkers can learn from it. Prior to starting C19, Adam started his career at ICM Partners in Hollywood, California in the Motion Picture Talent department, where he worked with the likes of Michael Cera, Regina Hall, James Spader, and Walton Goggins. After ICM, Adam went on to work for Academy Award winning producer Dan Jinks, and in 2016, he founded the management/production company Mailroom. Then COVID-19 hit and C19 was born…

When did you decide to help create the C19 Certified e-learning program?

When COVID-19 shut down the film production business (which I was a part of), we wanted to find a way to help productions feel secure when going back to set. Eventually we realized there were so many other industries that could benefit from our course as well so we ultimately tailored our product to reflect that.

Why is the program so essential these days for businesses and what types of businesses do you recommend?

Our program is essential because it is proof that an employer has taken actual steps to mitigate risk within the office. Employees are less inclined to be careless if they are educated about the virus.

What types of things are taught, and how long does it take to complete?

Our standard ‘Prevent the Spread’ course takes about 40 minutes to complete and covers everything from washing your hands to how an individual should properly react in a compromising situation at work.

What sets your courses a part from others out there?

Our course is digital, easy to distribute and easily uploaded into a company’s internal LMS. We have the ability to customize our course and integrate company specific protocols and policies.

Here in New York, we were hit pretty hard with COVID-19. What is your advice to business owners right now, or those looking at opening up a new business?

I would recommend educating their staff, the more they know the less likely a COVID breakout within their business will be. When our course is completed we provide a certification for businesses to present to their customers. We believe this will instill customer confidence.

On a personal note, do you ever come to New York? If so, where are your favorite places to visit?

I love New York. My brother lived there for a while and I was fortunate enough to visit a few times a year. I really love North Little Italy, especially all the great food around Mulberry and Grand. In 2013 I produced a film entitled THE MEND with Josh Lucas and Mickey Sumner up in Harlem. I lived in Queens for about a month while filming.

How can New Yorkers sign up for C19 Certified?

They can visit our website at to sign up, schedule a call, or book a demo. Otherwise they can shoot us an email at

And final question: What do you want C19 Certified overall to be remembered for when people look back at 2020?

If we can play a small part in helping employees feel safe in their place of work during this crisis; that alone would be enough for us.