Amidst all this debate concerning legislative efforts to legalize certain types of dangerous substances, drug related harm remains one of the most pressing issues which is gaining society’s attention at a significant rate. The most notable event which sounded the alarm bells is that of the “ Saugus incident “ where six people are believed to have died of drug overdose within a very short period of time. These senseless deaths are, in one way or another, linked to Saugus, Massachusetts. According to police records, about twenty people have died of drug overdose in Saugus in 2012 alone.

Bothered by this sudden rush of overdose deaths in the locality and still shocked by the demise of their former Saugus High School classmates,  Alison Riley and Don Zollo founded “Saugus We Care”- a cause-oriented group which aspires to increase public understanding of the realities of drug abuse in the area and its neighbouring communities. It’s strategy is to find ways and means to prevent further deaths through the help of different sectors of society. The mission of Saugus We Care, according to its founders, is to raise awareness of drug overdoses, decrease its prevalence and help abusers quit. The group wants to bring together community members with similar concerns.


In the pursuit of their noble cause, Saugus We Care have regularly scheduled certain activities to bring people together for discussions on issues related to the drug menace which continues to claim lives indiscriminately. They believe that educating the public on the dangers of drugs and how to prevent its abuse  is one way of combating this dilemma. This is the main reason why health professionals and medical experts are often invited in every meeting or gathering.

To broaden its reach, the organization has also established its own online persona in Facebook which has attracted 400 likes within two weeks of its launch. It seeks to bring together concerned peers and to encourage the community to assist those in need and put an end to the cycle of crisis.

It is quite remarkable how a community can come together to advocate a common objective. One is tempted to wish that this worthy cause be replicated in all communities in the country and in the entire world. Apparently, this societal predicament has grown to such a level that can not be addressed by governments on their own accord. In many cases, active community participation proved to be an essential element in the success of every anti-drug campaign.

Visit www.facebook.com/SaugusWeCare for more information about the group.




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