With their recent European Promo Tour, Milestone Media has cemented their place amongst the upper echelon of Independent Brands in the Music Industry.  With over 180K in viewership (YouTube) to compliment the standing room only turn out at the venues in cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Koln to name a few that played host to the ever-talented collective of MCs.  The names, which are due to become household more sooner than later: Phreestyle, P Lucky, Tha Faculty, Bugsy Uno, E. Supreme, R-Jay, Karron Johnson entertained the masses, and represented Hip Hop to the fullest.

Their latest release, Goin Back to the Basics shows their respect for and knowledge as a whole of the elements that made HIP HOP great.  The Nay-sayers and doubters of the culture, as well as the disappointed say that today’s rap scene specifically is oversaturated and lacking some of its core factors that once contributed to its essence.  Remember placing your favorite artists’ posters on your wall? Remember fandemonium that took over concerts and album-signings at the record stores that were; a direct connection between artists and their market before social Media.  Not so much the villain that it is made to be but it has undoubtedly changed the music business and marketing as a whole.  In many ways it has made artists more tangible but in others it has sacrificed their “realness.”

The same cannot be said about M.M.E. Their latest offering is the product of a conscious effort to offer their fans exactly what they are in need of. With a track listing of smashes that are relatable, fun, all the while lyrical and full of content. True hip hop purists have the opportunity to find in Back to the Basics the elements which once made them fall for Hip Hop.  Starting with the aforementioned title track “Back to the Basics” or “Radio Single” where M.M.E displays their master understanding of quality music, which by all accounts is very radio-friendly and worthwhile.  Placed in a unique manner, very metaphorical when it’s all said and done.  The celebratory It’s On track plays out like an homage to hard work and the “I finally made it” attitude, where you see your effort, initiative, and long nights pay off; something that you can share with all those who have ever lent a helping hand.  By all means, find comfort in the song. Find a voice for things that you may have wanted to say, that you were feeling, but could not articulate so lyrically.  Like the days of old, the Today was a Good Day (Ice Cube) era.  Remember that? Seem so far-gone? Well celebrate with M.M.E the collective that has vowed to take it Back To The Basics.

They Told Me  is reminiscent of the poor righteous teachers, the educators, representatives of the inner most dealings with, and consequences of societal norms, in the ghetto that is.  Struggle is universal, so does the ever-cliched “by any means” necessary ideology go.  That mantra that had you give your all at times, even if not in the right manner or sense.  The story of a go-getter, one who would not be denied.  Hard-headed at times, stubborn most others, he learns via trial and error. If that is you, this your song.

Celebrate with the bass-pounding single After-Party; ladies grab your heels, gents your finest attire and head to the VIP section.  After overcoming the obstacles of life, keeping Your head up, and working hard.  Once you have paid homage to the people in your life who have made possible, with”Diamonds of recognition and gratitude.  What you are promised, Pretty Feet on gorgeous women, great music, and the enery which so many have been longing for since the good old days in Hip Hop.  When asked who brought it Back To the Basics, Make sure you say Milestone Media Entertainment






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