” There was a lot of thought put into the entire concept behind this project. As a collective, we consider this to be our greatest body of work; perfect for such a pivotal time in our journey in music……”

-Ali Bishop, Sound Frontier (Band Leader)

Urban, yet funky, Hip Hop-esque yet rooted in Rock and Soul as well. The depiction of a menagerie of sounds, and talent, is the best way to describe this project. Reminiscent of everything that music stands for, today and year’s past. Sound Frontier is more than a breath of fresh air. For what reasons you may wonder, for all of those comprised in the album. From the platforms of the A train, to the skyscrapers which skyline sets arguably the greatest menagerie, The Big Apple, Sound Frontier Presents to you……



Author: DeVon Hyman

New York City’s own DeVon Hyman, also writes under the pseudonym Basquiat. He is working hard to become one of the rising stars in the writing game. With his unique style and imagery, he has carved out a nice niche of consistency and depth in diction. Whether it pertains to interviewing the games up and coming stars, as well as established artists, DeVon has shown that he can handle his own expressively. This diligence has made him someone to definitely keep your eye on.