A New Way to Stay Healthy: “CulturesForHealth.com”

A New Way to Stay Healthy: “CulturesForHealth.com”

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These days with people either working or spending their free time doing activities, its hard to find time to go shop for food – So why not find an easy way to get good, quality, healthy food delivered right to your door? Well welcome to the digital age, and welcome to CulturesForHealth.com – an online source that provides everyone with the resources they need to live a healthy and fulfilling life, while staying on budget when getting food starter kits delivered right to their door.

The amazing concept of a website was created by Julie Feickert and her husband Eric, while keeping their own kids health in mind. In a statement Julie says she wanted, “to create a website where people making a food change in their own lives could find all the products and information they need to be successful. Our site offers free articles, recipes, how-to videos, and eBooks as resources for healthy living.”

At the forefront of their money-saving options are their food starter kits for creating your own foods – the perfect gift for your son or daughter who may be going off to college and is too lazy to shop at a grocery store.


Some of their main product starter kit highlights include:

San Francisco Sourdough Starter

Bring back the smell of baking bread in your house with our most popular sourdough starter. Lactobacillus San Francisco bacteria and the wild yeast Candida humilis give this sourdough starter that famous San Francisco taste. If you crave sourdough bread from San Francisco, this is the starter for you. Can be used to make fresh bread, pancakes, muffins, and other baked goods.

Kefir Starter

Make nutrient-dense, probiotic rich kefir at home! This easy-to-use starter culture is perfect for beginners and ideal for kefir enthusiasts who tire of continually buying kefir from the grocery store. Can be used with cow, goat, or soy milk.

Traditional Yogurt Starter

Make your own thick and creamy yogurt at home. With a traditional tart yogurt flavor, it is our most popular yogurt starter and a favorite for families looking to make the switch to making their own yogurt at home.

Traditional Yogurt-1

Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Kit

Make fresh mozzarella cheese in just 30 minutes with our easy-to-use kit. Just add milk! Making mozzarella is a wonderful activity for date night or with the kids in your life. Each kit makes 30+ batches of cheese.

Mozza rella Ricotta Kit

Basic Italian Cheese Kit

Make mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, and ricotta salata with this inclusive cheese making kit. Just add milk! Each cheese takes just 20-30 minutes to make and is ideal for beginning cheese makers. Makes a wonderful gift.

Talk about delicious! Log onto: http://www.CulturesForHealth.com now and see what all the yummy hype is about. And hey, it was even good enough for Hollywood actor Stephen Glickman of Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush television show, so it must be just as awesome as it sounds!


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